10 Easy and Irresistible Churros Brigadier Recipes

The brigadeiro is a candy that has gained international fame and is present in 10 out of 10 parties. Churros is one of those mouth-watering snacks: warm, tasty and irresistible. What if we mix these two delights?

Yes, the churros brigadeiro not only exists but is already one of the darlings of lovers of a good dessert. The variation of the traditional Brazilian sweetie enchants both for its taste and ease of preparation.

With only 5 ingredients, condensed milk and dulce de leche among them, it is possible to make a very good version of the brigadeiro. And you can use your creativity to go further, of course!

Check out this selection with 10 recipes of churros brigadeiros! Will you find everything from the simplest to the most elaborate? Ideal for special occasions. Read all below right now. Then just enjoy yourself!

1. Easy churros brigadeiro

With just five ingredients you are able to prepare this marvel: condensed milk, butter, dulce de leche, refined sugar and cinnamon powder. The preparation is very fast and you can check the full recipe by clicking here.

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2. Dairy filled churros brigadeiro

Double serving tasting: the filling of dulce de leche is the special touch of this dessert. Ingredients include white chocolate and sour cream, which are the differential. The walkthrough you see in this video.

3. Delicious churros brigadeiro

By adding two ingredients to your traditional brigadeiro base you prepare this delicious version with the churros flavor. Remember to grease your hands with butter to make it easier to create the balls! See the full recipe.

4. Simple churros brigadeiro

In a saucepan, mix condensed milk, butter and cinnamon powder. Stir until brigadier point. Once cool, wrap and garnish with dulce de leche. Simpler, impossible! Step by step and ingredient list in this video.

5. Microwave Churros Brigadeiro

Have you tried microwave brigadeiro? Mix the ingredients and bake for just 5 minutes! Here's the tip: Use a large bowl to prevent it from leaking and staining your appliance. See more in the recipe clicking here.

6. Fast Microwave Churros Brigadeiro

Another one of those easy recipes we love: with few ingredients and very easy to prepare! The finishing touch is the dulce de leche, which is applied with a pastry bag. check it step by step.

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7. White Chocolate Churros Brigadier

White chocolate brings even more sweetness to this recipe. Mix it in the pan with the condensed milk and unsalted butter. Add still cream. Cook over low heat until unglued from the bottom. See the recipe details.

8. Vanilla churros brigadeiro

A tablespoon of vanilla extract is the special touch of this brigadeiro de churros, which is prepared in the microwave. Pass the balls in sugar with cinnamon and finish with dulce de leche! Click here to see the complete walkthrough.

9. Churros Brigadeiro with Real Churros

The secret of this recipe is to decorate your brigadier with real churros! After all, a neat presentation makes the difference! Another special touch is that in the base dough is added a shallow tablespoon of flour. Learn how to prepare this delight!

10. Churros brigadeiro with a piece of dulce de leche

Note in notebook: If you are afraid that your recipe will be too sweet, add two tablespoons of cream to break the flavor. Chef's Touch: Use caramel or candy bar for decoration. Check out the details of the preparation of this version.

Which of these recipes is your favorite? Hard to choose just one? Put in the comments what you think and remember to share with friends who love a sweetie!

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