10 foods that look healthy but aren't

Who has never eaten a food without knowing its origin or without knowing what its components are? How often do we buy products without reading? or even understand? what does the label say?

We bring food from the supermarket that we never thought could harm us, and often fall under the illusion that we are maintaining a healthy habit, which is not always true.

For this reason, nutritionist Pamela Terra listed a series of foods that she does not like and does not indicate. and explained with good humor the reasons why they are not beneficial to health. Check out:

1. Gelatin

Very present in our desserts, gelatin is not the best option for those who want to maintain a totally healthy diet. According to Pamela, these are just "viscera and the rest of artificially colored animals" and contain an abundant amount of sugar or sweetener. Better to put it aside, isn't it ?!

2. Salt and corn crackers

Some people prefer to replace bread with crackers or cornstarch in an attempt to lose a few pounds. But make no mistake: Pamela warns that this replacement does not work. These cookies are very rich sources of fats that are not good for our body.

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3. Milk Powder

Used by many who believe it is a healthier option than canister milk, powdered milk is actually the result of an arduous chemical process until it reaches the desired shape. Therefore, the nutritionist says that the best option would be to consume direct milk from the producer, even.

4. Cornflakes

Ideal for a quick breakfast, right? Wrong! Pamela describes the cereal as "transgenic cornflakes topped with all known sugars". Even worse when they are artificially colored! Are we going to invest in other food options in the morning?

5. Artificial Sweeteners

Some say it is better to use the sweetener instead of sugar, but it is worth analyzing this rumor. Studies indicate a propensity for sucralose, one of the synthetic sweeteners on the market, to increase blood sugar levels by 14% and insulin levels by 20% (1).

6. Canister Juices

According to Pamela, the box juices we buy from the market contain more sugar than the fruit itself. It is much better to make our own juice at home, using the fruits straight from the basket. Besides being healthy, it is much more delicious! Does anyone doubt?

7. Flavored waters

Very popular in the markets in its various brands, flavored waters are nothing more than disguised soft drinks, according to Pamela. Is it just water with preservatives, flavorings, artificial sweeteners? all we should avoid!

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8. Turkey Breast

Alert Pamela: It's not worth exchanging mortadella or ham for turkey breast! Besides being more expensive, it is a product full of nitrites and nitrates (which are carcinogenic!) And an exaggerated level of sodium.

9. Margarine

Margarine is also not a good option for decreasing butter consumption. It is a fat-filled food that causes damage to the body. The nutritionist explains that its components can even contribute to the clogging of the arteries.

10. Protein Bars

Much consumed for being more convenient to eat, the protein bars, according to Pamela, "are full of syrup." They are also full of components that are contraindicated in large quantities, such as sugar and fat. It's best to avoid eating these bars unnecessarily, okay?

Favorable alternatives for our diet are always welcome, as long as we can choose the products with confidence in their origin. It's not a very easy task, but how about some tips on how to eat more nutritionally and healthily?

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