10 Signs That You Can Be Bad In Bed

Are you suspicious that your sex life is not doing well because of you? Do you think you ended up relaxing in the sexual sense and let the sex fall into routine? Check out 10 signs that may alert you to a possible poor performance in bed and also some tips to remedy each problem.

1 ? Your bed and your room look like an office

How's it going to be? stay in a room where you work and your service materials are scattered? If it is unavoidable to bring work to the bedroom, set a time and space for it and save it after use. There is nothing brighter than looking at a pile of service to be done.

2 ? You don't have oral sex on him

It can be said that every, or almost every man, loves oral sex. This is a great preliminary for even hotter moments. If you don't like it, you probably have something missing to complete your cat's satisfaction. If the problem is taste, try adding a mint to make it more pleasant and satisfy you even more.

3? You get out of bed as soon as the fuck ends

Another thing that may end up cutting the mood between you is the fact that you get out of bed right after having sex. Enjoy those minutes after the act to hug your mate and get well together. This is important so as not to let things get cold between you and sex not become mechanical and cold.

4? Are you relaxed? too much at home

Putting on an old T-shirt on a day you're tired, all right. Now adopt the? Relaxed? Look every day of the week can have a negative influence on your sex life. Try to take care of yourself and produce a little more on some days of the week to please your partner and attract him even more.

5? It takes you longer to get ready for sex than it is to have sex

Brush your teeth, straighten your hair, shave, put on your lingerie? Finally, that pre-sex routine that many women are adept at can end up having the opposite effect as expected. While he's lying waiting for you, if you take too long, he may lose the urge to attack.

6? You always let him do everything and guide the moment

If you never take control of the situation, it may end up getting tired of having to do everything yourself. Do not forget that sex is an act that needs investment from both him and yours. So no letting him in control ever. And be sure to take the initiative whenever you feel like it.

7? You are very insecure about your body

Another problem that can undermine any woman's sex life is low self-esteem and the negative image of her own body. Being ashamed of your curves can cool your sex life and end it gradually. So do your best to take care of yourself and love yourself? Above all.

8? You never talk about sex

In addition to what has already been mentioned, another sign that you may be bad in bed is that you never want to talk about sex. Although many women are ashamed and some partners do not encourage this discussion, talking about it brings couples closer, breaks down barriers and taboos and can have a significant positive effect on their sex lives.

9? You want the fuck to be fast always

Another sign that may show that you are not such a good lover is the fact that you always want to end sex quickly. We know that quickies are part of the couple's life, but investing in a little longer relationships and enjoying every second of that intimate moment is also essential.

10? He seems to have stopped seeking you sexually

Finally, the most obvious sign that things are not going well sexually is when he starts to stop looking for you for the act. If the situation has reached this point, maybe it's time for you to talk about it and try to find ways to rekindle the passion between the two.

If you have identified yourself with any of the signs, don't panic or think you're worth nothing in bed. Take a deep breath and set off for the attack. That's right: sex to be good, needs practice. Stop reading and go look for your partner for a moment alone. And if you find that he is not being good enough in bed either, touch and encourage him to take more care and invest in your sex life.

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