10 Things Men Forget to Do During Sex

Sex should be an act of pleasure for both parties involved. It would not be fair for the woman, for example, to dress in a sexy new lingerie if her partner did not make any effort to please her at the time!

And it's not that they do it badly, but the truth is that sometimes men fall short in bed, precisely because they are in a hurry to satisfy their needs and forget to fulfill their partner's wishes.

The sexologist Walkíria Fernandes points out that among the most frequent female complaints about men's behavior at the time of sex are: the rush to penetrate, the fact of asking her partner to have oral sex without having showered before, wanting sex on an almost daily basis and lack of foreplay. Not necessarily in this order.

Regarding the last item, she adds: “It is through foreplay that we begin to detach ourselves from the outside world and surrender ourselves to the moment of sex. Relaxation and surrendering begin to occur, starting the process of arousal. Often when sexual desire is not very intense, it may increase as foreplay occurs. In other situations it may not even increase. However, it is with the foreplay that the woman prepares for penetration, which should not, therefore, happen early in the sexual intercourse ?, explains Walkíria.

In addition to these extremely important points, below are 10 other things that many men forget to do at the time of sex:

1. Play with the clitoris. Is it right there, not down, not over? It's important to focus on it!

2. Take off the socks. The man is sexy when he is naked, and without socks!

3. Lubricate. Women need to feel too wet to successfully perform (and pleasure) the act. So it takes less haste, and get to work!

4. Speak. Women get even more aroused when they use their imagination at H-time. So a little slutty talk, of course, will have a great effect!

5. Keep the tongue wet. It is essential to keep it wet with saliva at the time of oral sex.

6. Take care of your hands. Unless the woman makes it clear that she loves when her partner squeezes her breasts tightly, the touch of them should be no more delicate, at least no pinching.

7. Kiss lightly. Sometimes a light touch is better than a strong one. And a sweet kiss, with just the lips, is more pleasant than a very fast kiss with the excessive use of the tongue.

8. Nibble. Most women love a bite and a gentle suck on their fingers or toes.

9. Leave worries aside. You need to smile a little, show pleasure and focus (only) on what you are doing.

10. Take care of your teeth. No exaggerated bites, especially on the breasts, which are totally sensitive. But of course hands and mouth are welcome and can pass nipples gently before descending.

So today's tips go to them! It is essential to pay attention to the needs of the partner and do everything to make sex really pleasurable for both parties.

The importance of dialogue

The sexist Walkirian also leaves a message for women, especially those who have been bothered by some of these partner failures (or forgetfulness). "Whenever something does not go well in the affective or marital relationship is important that there is dialogue," he says.

• When dissatisfaction is sexual, obviously, dialogue should take place outside the moment of sex. You have to have the sensitivity and concern to say what you want, with respect to the other, without aggression or unkindness ?, explains Walkíria. "The way you talk is often more important than what you talk," concludes the sexologist.

10 things men forget to do during séx (April 2024)

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