10 Things Men Will Never Understand About Women

What do men know about women? Too bad the answer is: very little. They keep asking for a manual and publicly assuming they want little and they want a lot. Of course, we are not content with mixaria and are much more linked in small details, which despite the size, make all the difference.

Nor should it be easy to be a man trying to understand us. After all, we have the ability to get emotionally involved in almost everything, to do more than one thing at a time, and we have been empowered to generate life within us. Now, one cannot expect simplicity of thought in such complex beings.

It is not enough to explain thoroughly, they will never understand certain things about women.

1. Any clothes do not fit

When it comes to fashion, men are not usually very much on the inside. They love to find us beautiful, tidy and fragrant, but make a point of saying they don't care about that. Huh? A constant contradiction that they don't even realize. They often give preference to the tidiest ones, yet insist that they don't care about clothes or makeup.

2. Company to go to the bathroom

This is one of the mysteries that they always try to understand no matter how much we explain. For men, wanting company to go to the bathroom is one of the "female follies." Little do they know that we have issues to deal with without a male presence, as well as tips on clothing, getting makeup right, or just wanting to gossip a little, why not?

3. We are much more detailed

It is not because men have difficulty in understanding details that we will give up. We like them to notice the new haircut, a new outfit and even the color of the nail. Now if we often worry about pleasing them, it is only natural that we want them to notice. In addition to the physical details, we are more emotional and influenced by feelings, another particularity that would be great for them to understand.

4. We pretend to orgasm

Hard to find a man who assumes women fake orgasm. The answer hardly varies from? With me not! I can understand !? Finger wrong. Women are masters at faking orgasms, whether they're tired, not liking, or just pleasing. Men make sure that women take pleasure in them, so it is very difficult to assume that it may have happened. But it is also worth mentioning that we do not do this all the time.

5. We enjoy kindness invariably

Any kind of woman in any situation or place in the world likes to receive flowers and surprises. Sometimes we make a charm saying we don't care about that. But the reality is that we do like it. Even the toughest dreams of receiving surprise gifts at work or on any occasion. And it is not, as they think, because we are consumers, but because it is a demonstration that his attention is on us and that they are interested in pleasing.

6. The enchanted prince

Contrary to popular belief, the pursuit of the enchanted prince does not involve a handsome boy on a white horse who takes us to live in a castle. Safety, respect, affection and a little care with appearance already solves everything!

7. Honey, am I beautiful like that?

When we ask if we're pretty, we just want to know if we're not looking like crazy green-haired monsters. Not to be super honest or medicinal right now. Surely no one is expecting phrases like "are you a little chubby over there?" or could it be another dress. Besides the possibility of causing a hell of a problem, complaining about the clothes will only make them wait twice as long until we decide on another one.

8. We want attention after sex

It can be roughly defined that men have orgasm as the goal of sex. Already with women is different. In addition to needing emotional involvement to get there, the intimate moment is one of the biggest factors in having sex (this varies a lot depending on the length of the relationship). So, nothing strange we want a little attention after sex, a caring and a complicity.

9. We want attention all the time

When we like someone, what we want most is to be the main subject in their heads. No need to call every half hour or send petal rain by helicopter. But there is nothing more discouraging for a woman than a man who shows no interest in his company and his affairs, or whom we have to call and text without reciprocity.

10. Nothing is everything

"Is there a problem, my love?" ? Not? Maybe the biggest catch? female When we have a problem with them bothering us, we often say no, no big deal. This may be linked to the fact of the details. After all, if we have a problem with them, we want them to figure it out on their own.Let's be honest, sometimes we overdo things. But they will never understand our craze of minute details either.

But of course probably what you read here is not new to women. Maybe showing this text to your mate doesn't give you a little help with the great female mysteries? And while every man and woman has their particularities, many of the items cited are common to most.

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