10 Unhealthy Things to Comment About Your Partner

Commenting to your friends about your old dating details can be fun, but when it comes to your current partner, this can cause an extremely uncomfortable situation. Here are 10 things to think about a thousand times before you talk about it:

  1. Your fears
    When you love a person, you don't need to expose your fears to other people, do you? This way it will only make him look weak. Put yourself in his shoes and think about how you would feel if he told his friends about your difficulties. The relationship should be based on trust, and when he showed you fears, he did it in a gesture of trust. Don't mess it up this way.
  2. Your sex life
    Exchanging hot stories between friends can be a lot of fun. But is it really necessary to make comparisons with the sizes, diameters, and nasty details of your partner's body? Once again, put yourself in his shoes: you would hate for him to do that at a table with his friends, wouldn't you?

  3. His habits for the family
    Spending time commenting on his crazes for his family can only create tension between you. Moreover, it will not be the best way to remedy the situation. Don't even think about opening more serious problems for family members without first talking to your partner. Your questions must first be resolved by two.
  4. About his low salary
    Complaining about your partner's job or payroll is just one way to deplete it and decrease it. Instead of doing this, do what you would like him to do to you in this case: support him.
  5. Your lack of practicality
    If the boy doesn't know how to fix things, or do jobs that you would like him to do, that doesn't mean you have to go out and tell your friends. If he has other skills, point to him! No one is born knowing how to do everything.
  6. A big flaw you didn't mention to him
    If he has trouble connecting with your children or is so stubborn that he often annoys you, make him aware of it, not his friends. More serious failures like these can be solved with dialogue, love, and even therapy.
  7. Criticism he makes about you and your friends
    Make sure you really need to comment on that criticism he made about a friend of yours. Often sharing negative statements like this can often make your friends no longer want your partner around.
  8. His political and religious beliefs
    You may be comfortable with heated discussions with your friends, but might he not want his beliefs revealed to strangers? just as you might not like it either. This is for personal, even professional reasons. So talk to him about it before exposing it to people in your circle.
  9. Tough Times of Your Past
    It's unfair to share someone else's difficulties when they don't usually tell anyone that. Try to ponder what you say about his personal life, and if you are proud of something your partner has done but he is closed, encourage him to share it with others. It's better than they know it without his will.
  10. His strange relationship with a family member
    Family problems are always sad. But there must be personal reasons for the strange relationship he has with a relative. Leave this problem so personal stored to talk at home, not on your friends wheel. Not necessary, and again, you probably wouldn't like him to do it to you either.

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