11 Things Everyone Dating For Years Understands

Since when are you together with your love? It's been two years? Seven years? One of each? Whatever the period, there are some situations that only couples who have been together for a long time know.

A lot of things change from the beginning of a relationship, from worrying about the look to a possible fear of talking nonsense. Who never?

The good thing is that coexistence keeps everything much more peaceful. The years go by, the partnership grows and intimacy transforms everything.

If you've been with a couple longer than you can remember, see if any of the topics below sound familiar?

1. You have a lot of inside jokes

Slangs no one knows, grimaces or nicknames that make no apparent sense. But you both always understand and always laugh, of course.

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2. They usually understand each other only by looking

Sometimes it seems like telepathy! Over time, any frown or signal that the other makes becomes easily understandable.

3. And don't be ashamed of certain body noises

It's been a long time since letting out a fart was a sign of the end of the world. It happens, why. And feeling comfortable on that level is liberating.

4. There is always some joke about marriage

Especially at family lunches, someone will mention wedding rings, appointments or weddings. Pay your slips nobody wants, right?

5. Or about when the children will arrive

Do others love to put pressure on children? But remember that you have to decide what to do with your life. For others, make a face of lettuce and that's it.

6. You Maintain Your Individuality

Loving is not synonymous with being stuck together. You have your time to study, see friends, have a good time watching a movie or doing whatever you want.

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7. But they also love spending time together.

Hanging out on the couch, holding hands, having a cup of coffee together? Are these moments so delicious?

8. Getting neat and shaved all the time is no longer important

Really good is to spend the day in pajamas and a half, bun in her hair. And, of course, to look good when you feel like it, why.

9. And you don't have to be afraid to do silly, childish things

Do you know when you can be exactly who you are without fear of judgment? With your partner it should be like this.

10. You know great gestures of love are cool, but everyday ones are even better.

No serenade is required. Sometimes winning a chocolate on any given day or having dinner with your favorite dish already makes all the difference in the world.

11. And they can't wait for everything the next few years will bring.

May the coming months, years and decades of love, respect and complicity always come!

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Which of the above did you identify with? Put in the comments. And share it with the person next to you all these years!


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