12 cool ideas to bring your old clothes to life

That idea of ​​always having new clothes and never repeating a look is totally out of date. Even Duchess Kate Middleton repeats her looks and transforms the look into different combinations with the same clothes she already has.

And why can't we enjoy what we already have and give a new face to these pieces? Old, bland T-shirts that you almost never wear can become night shirts. Smooth summer dresses can become party pieces. And so on.

Making changes to your old clothes does not require great talent and anyone can do it, just be capricious and put laziness aside.

Here are some ideas you can take advantage of and even modify to make your closet come up.

1. Renew a simple t-shirt or tank top with pearl collar appliques

Making simple embroidery like this comic strip on the collar is very simple, just have caprice and patience. Merge pearls of different sizes for an even more current result. If you prefer an easier way, opt for a strip already embroidered with the pearls and just stick it on the collar. [How to make]

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2. Or write a word with sequins

Sequins or sequins per meter ribbons are ideal for writing small words or making outlined designs on clothing. Simply take the design or word, transfer the design to the garment and then glue or embroider with the sequin strip. If you don't find the ribbon ready, the way to do it is to embroider or glue one sequin overlapping the other to form the effect of the ribbon. [How to make]

3. Create a maxi necklace in a plain dress with giant sequins

Another option to revamp that dress you've worn a thousand times and got sick of is embroidering with overlapping sequins forming a collar on the collar. It's a super simple idea and the dress can even become a party dress after this transformation. [How to make]

4. Bringing new life to light clothes is very easy, just use your creativity with the inks

Bet on fabric inks to transform any clear piece that has no print. You can make gradients or stains very freely and abstractly. Unleash your imagination and create a new piece with your old clothes. [How to make]

5. Add a bow to the neckline on the back of a sweater.

Impossible to do something easier than that. Take your sweater or blouse that has a scoop neckline and sew a ribbon on each side. Be sure to discreetly finish the ends of the tape. Make a loop and voila! You just renewed your outfit. [How to make]

6. Make a guipir-decorated slit in your simple denim shorts

This tip is very cool because you can make it into shorts that you have worn a lot or even turn old pants. Check out the tutorial and reuse your old jeans. [How to make]

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7. Make a regular t-shirt with a maxi lace back

This idea is a bit more advanced and can be a little harder to do because you will need to separate the front and back of the shirt, then twist the back into a loop and then sew again. [How to make]

8. Open a neckline at the back of your old sweater

Make a fearless cut right in the middle of the back of your sweater, cutting it all the way. Then sew velcos on the collar or put a button to close. Ready. An easy and fast way to renew your blouse. [How to make]

9. Turn a shirt into a dress without sewing

This tutorial is so simple that you don't even need sewing. Wear the shirt with the collar as neckline. Tie the sleeves at the front, then tie at the back and you will have your dress ready. The tip is to wear with a top underneath to ensure that the strapless strap is not indiscreet. [How to make]

10. Make the easiest cropped top in the world

Just use a handkerchief and fold it around you as shown in the picture. Ideal for trips to the beach. Be sure to make the last knot tight to prevent the top from risking open. [How to make]

11. Beach getaway made with an old long skirt

This idea is also great for the summer and so simple to do that you won't even have to sew anything, just cut and make the right lashings. [How to make]

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12. Change the look of plain shorts with lace appliqués

To renew your non-print shorts, simply overlap lace strips by sewing them or just gluing one at a time. The result is super delicate. [How to make]

Do not throw your clothes away! When you get sick of a piece, transform it or take a donation.This way you recycle what you have and avoid making unnecessary expenses.

12 Creative Ideas To Remake Old Clothes And Save Your Money (May 2021)

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