12 Cute, Romantic Videos Celebrating Couples' Love

Between news about the other side of the world, cute animal videos and tips that make our lives easier, eventually also appear on the Internet surprises, statements and honors to people who are important in someone's life.

Fortunately, these actions have as much potential to go viral as any sensational headline, so a little love can always show up on social networks when you least expect it.

Be inspired to gift your partner; or to rejoice in the excitement of people as ordinary as any of us, enjoy filling your day with a little of the love of each of these real life stories!

1. Daniel shows the world he loves Veronica

In celebration of the third anniversary of the couple's first kiss, Daniel enlisted the help of people from all over the world to tell Veronica that he loves her. Plaques with the words? Verô, so far know that Dani loves you? They were photographed in front of monuments such as the Louvre Museum in France and in beautiful landscapes such as Finland.

2. Dating request with couple moments

Youtubers Andrew and Izabella started dating after five months of relationship. The officialization of the commitment came from a surprise of Santa Catarina: a video with random moments that the couple spent together was shown to the girl and an alliance completed the gift.

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3. Hunting the Marriage Proposal

Vinicius took advantage of Easter to surprise his girlfriend Renata. After nine years of dating, did the marriage proposal come in the form of a treasure hunt? an Easter egg stuffed with the question that thrilled the girl!

4. Marriage Proposal

During a meeting with her friends, Monalisa was surprised by her boyfriend Rafael, who decided to propose to her after three years of dating. Worthy of a movie, the surprise with plaque-like sayings refers to the declaration of love of? Simply Love? (2003).

5. Simulation of key moments

To celebrate her one-year anniversary, Robertha prepared a very special surprise for Caio. With the help of people who participated in the couple's story, a reconstitution of the most memorable moments of the relationship was recorded and lived by the two.

6. Declaration of love in marriage

Already at the altar, Rafael declares his love to the bride Rafaella telling that she is the opposite of everything he always wanted, but that could not be better. "Keep changing because you keep changing my life," he asks.

7. Enjoy with poetry

Reciting the lyrics to Oswaldo Montenegro's song "Half", Thales declares himself to his girlfriend Mayelle in honor of her second dating anniversary. The video was produced by the boy, who created the script for a story in which he seeks the path to her love.

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8. Tribute with message in parts

Thaís's idea was very close to the little plate surprises. However, in this tribute to Yuri, the video brings a message divided by words, which were written and drawn with different formats, colors and backgrounds.

9. Marriage Proposal at the Cinema

To surprise his girlfriend Leila, André invited his friends and family to a movie screening. On screen, instead of the movie, the woman watched a beautiful declaration of love, with memories of the couple's story. The marriage proposal was accompanied by the lights coming on and the thrilled palms of those present.

10. Wedding surprise

Renata decided to celebrate her wedding anniversary with Australian James in a very different way. After minor adjustments to the dress worn at her first ceremony, Youtuber rehearsed with her son Nick a renewal of the vows as a surprise to her husband.

11. Declaration of love on birthday

To celebrate his girlfriend's birthday, Anderson prepared a surprise. When she got home, Barbara came across heart bladders, love messages and lots of pictures of the couple scattered around her room. The statement appeared in video form and all tribute was recorded on video.

12. Marriage Proposal

After five years of dating, Rodrigo decided to propose Naia in marriage in style. In a bar, with the presence of friends and relatives of the couple, a video produced by the young man was shown on a big screen. Recalling common tastes and peculiarities of the relationship, the request is made official with a public declaration of love and wedding rings.

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These videos, besides being great examples of the celebration of love, just demonstrate the importance of being with those who like.So take your inspiration from the stories above and be creative to surprise the person you love, but keep in mind that your proposal should be in line with your style: a very shy person, for example, may not like to become the one you love. spotlight in a public place.

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