12 Tips to Combat Menstrual Colic

THE colic accompanies the menstrual cycles of most women and is caused by an increase in a substance in the uterus that causes contractions. If you suffer from these pains every month, check out some tips for how to get rid of menstrual cramps and the discomforts caused:

1. Medicines

The medicines for menstrual cramps are based on antispasmodics or are made with contraception. However, all medication should be taken only under medical advice and faithfully following the indicated duration, times and doses.

2. Homeopathy

Homeopathy can be a great alternative to ease menstrual cramps. Ranging from patient to patient, indications for homeopathic remedies often include herbs such as Lachesis, Sepia, Carbonic Calcarea, Caulophyllum or Chamomilla.

3. Rest

It is important to rest if you are in great pain. One suggestion is to lie on your stomach on a pillow, gently squeezing your belly to decrease menstrual cramps.

4. Physical Activity

Some physical activities help to lessen these terrible monthly pains. These include yoga, stretching, walking or cycling. When practiced regularly, these exercises release endorphins and a decrease in pain occurs.

5. Pilates

Pilates during the colic season can be a great ally for women. During this period, the activity performed in the force center, the abdomen, eases the pain. However, pilates exercises should be less intense, always controlling breathing to decrease the tensions that potentiate the menstrual pain.

6. Teas

Teas can also help a lot in fighting menstrual cramps. Cinnamon has been used to treat colic since ancient times and herbs like? Chinese angelica? has antispasmodic effect, while the "agonized" has analgesic effects.

7. Acupuncture

Traditional acupuncture treatment helps in decreased pain during menstruation, because the application of needles has analgesic effect. In addition, acupuncture regulates the menstrual cycle.

8. Hot Water Bottle

Heat stimulates irrigation and relaxes the muscles, causing contractions in the uterus to cause less pain. Therefore, it is also worth placing the traditional hot water bag in the lower back and abdomen.

9. Massages

Some massages can combat not only the menstrual cramps but also the symptoms of PMS. These include Chinese and Ayurvedic massage, because in these massages, the pressure points help to treat these discomforts.

10. Adequate food

Foods consumed during these days should contain calcium, such as dairy products and dark vegetables. Ingestion of foods containing magnesium such as soybeans, bananas, beets, oats, tofu, collard greens and zucchini is also recommended. Polyunsaturated fats are also indicated during this period and are present in salmon, tuna and Brazil nuts. These foods have a natural anti-inflammatory effect and also help to relax the muscles.

11. Food not recommended

Some foods should be avoided so that there is no further production of female hormones. These include fat-rich foods, sausages and caffeine-containing beverages.

12. Stress

Try to escape from stressful situations because during this period, pain can make you more easily irritated and lose control. To relieve tension, Bach flower remedies are recommended as they counteract aggression.

Adopt healthy habits so that your body suffers less from the menstrual cramps and you will be more willing during menstruation. By following some of these tips you will already be kicking off the decreased menstrual pain.


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