15 Carrot Juice Recipes That Benefit Your Health and Beauty

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Carrot juice is popular especially for being associated with tanning skin, but it is worth noting that its benefits extend far beyond. This is because carrots are rich in vitamins and minerals, and have the advantage of being a lightly sweetened vegetable, providing tasty and nutritious juices.

Bruno Takatsu (CRM: 145.236), Medical Nutrologist at Horaios Aesthetics? boutique clinic in Sao Paulo ?, highlights that carrot is definitely more potent when consumed in its full form, but carrot juice can also be a good ally for health and beauty. The general tip is to consume the juice without sugar and without straining, which helps to preserve its fiber and nutrients.

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15 Carrot Juice Recipes for a Healthier Routine

Carrot juice is easy to prepare and super versatile, meaning you can include several ingredients at the time of preparation, making it tastier and even more beneficial to health. Get inspired with some suggestions.

1. Simple Carrot Juice

Classic, uncomplicated and economical recipe. Make a 300 ml glass and you will use only carrots, ice water and sugar. Check quantities and how to do.

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2. Carrot detox juice

To make this juice, which is great for health, you only need carrot, pineapple and fennel. Great tip even for weight loss diets, as the body detox is very important in this process.

3. Carrot Juice with Apple

A delicious, balanced and health-friendly flavor combination: carrot, orange and apple. The tip is to sweeten the juice with honey, but if you prefer, you can take it without sweetening which is also delicious. Check out the full recipe.

4. Carrot Juice with Lemon

A combination not as popular as orange with carrot, but equally tasty and healthy. In addition to the main ingredients, you will use only water. The juice provides satiety and detox effect on the body.

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5. Carrot Juice with Peach

For those who like to use creativity when making juices, this is a great option. Also, this is an excellent juice to prevent fluid retention. check it step by step.

6. Carrot Juice with Beetroot and Orange

A healthy juice that takes beets, orange, fresh parsley, carrots and ginger. The combination of beet with orange is great even to combat anemia (as beet is rich in iron and orange facilitates the absorption of iron by the body). Here's how to make this juice, which is, after all, tasty.

7. Carrot Juice with Beetroot and Apple

Great way to get more nutrients for the body as the combination is rich in vitamins A, K, C, antioxidants and beta carotene. Check out the recipe that is very practical and delicious.

8. Carrot, Orange and Apple Juice

A blend that works for the balance of flavors it brings and the numerous health benefits it offers. The recipe is even a great way to insert vegetables into children's diets.

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9. Carrot, Orange and Ginger Juice

Orange and carrot juice is not new to anyone, but how about adding ginger to this combination ?! In addition to giving a special touch of flavor, the ingredient is anti-inflammatory and thermogenic, being a good ally in the weight loss process. It is worth noting the recipe.

10. Carrot, Orange and Pineapple Juice

Tasty and satisfying juice, good tip for hot days because it is super refreshing, in addition, the pineapple is diuretic, helping to peel, and the carrot acts keeping the tan. Check out the full recipe.

11. Carrot, Lemon and Orange Juice

A juice as tasty as it is nutritious. You only need carrot, lemon, oranges and ice stones. Learn how to prepare.

12. Carrot, Lemon, and Parsley Juice

Carrots combined with lemon (which is full of vitamin C) and parsley (which is an excellent diuretic) form an excellent juice to stimulate kidney function and combat fluid retention. Write down the recipe that is very simple.

13. Carrot, apple, ginger and celery juice

It can be made in a blender or centrifuge. Easy, this recipe yields about 15 servings, but you can reduce the amounts and do just enough for you (and who else to drink), after all, the ideal is to consume this type of juice as soon as it is ready. check it step by step.

14. Carrot, Papaya, Lemon, Orange and Ginger Juice

A juice that satisfies a lot, delicious and full of health! It is noteworthy that the extraction of juice in centrifuge or blender does not change the amount of vitamins, but the important thing is that the juice is consumed immediately after preparation and not strained (to preserve the fiber, all vitamins and minerals).

15. Carrot, orange, kale and goji berry juice

A different juice, super nourishing and tasty. An important tip is to first place goji berry in a container with a little water and moisturize for about 20 minutes. Check out the full recipe.

Why include carrot juice in your routine?

If it is worth including carrot juice in your daily diet ?! For sure! Below you give the main advantages of this preparation:

  • It is rich in beta carotene, which is converted to retinol, one of the purest forms of vitamin A, a wonderful substance when it comes to healing and reducing redness and inflammation, Takatsu explains;
  • It is an ally of beauty as it helps to rejuvenate, brighten and soothe the skin;
  • Topically (directly on the skin), it can help combat sun damage as it contains falcarinol, an antioxidant;
  • It has carotenes that act as a very mild sunscreen if the juice is used topically, explains the nutrologist;
  • Helps maintain tan naturally;
  • Increases immunity;
  • It is beneficial for eye health;
  • Helps lower cholesterol levels (due to the presence of potassium).

Most people consume carrot juice solely because they believe it helps in tanning the skin. Takatsu points out, however, that the drink will not leave anyone more tan. But, yes, it can help people to have darker skin by stimulating melanin in a healthier way. Importantly, sun exposure should be done until 10am, and always with the use of sunscreen ?, he says.

Although very beneficial to health, carrot juice should not be consumed excessively and in some cases is contraindicated. • When consumed in large quantities, carrots can cause tooth decay and yellowish hue on the skin. In addition, it can cause an allergic reaction in people who are allergic to birch, sagebrush, spices, celery and related plants ?, Takatsu points out.

For patients with diabetes, carrots can reduce blood sugar levels by interfering with medications used and causing suboptimal levels. Thus, if the person has diabetes and consumes a large amount of carrots, I recommend monitoring blood glucose ?, concludes the nutrologist.

Now you know it's really worth it to include carrot juice in your routine, but no exaggeration! Use and abuse your creativity when adding new ingredients to the juice so as not to get sick of the taste and, preferably, drink it without sweetening and immediately after preparation. Also get to know delicious detox tea recipes.

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