15 questions to ask your partner that will tighten your ties

Anyone at the beginning of a relationship is still in the phase of getting to know their partner better and finding out what their dreams, tastes and values ​​are (and the flaws too!). And that, as you might imagine, is not only achieved by the physical connection.

Those who have been in a relationship longer often forget the reasons why they are together, something that can cool the feeling that exists between the couple.

In these two cases, it is very important to build or reinforce the emotional connection between you, and nothing better than a good conversation about the life, the past, and the expectations to do so. So, here are some questions you can use to start this dialog:

1.? What was the first thing you noticed about me ??

Recalling the reasons why you were attracted to each other at first brings back memories of the period of conquest and discovery. This helps rekindle some of that initial excitement, which eventually gets lost over time.

2. What is your favorite memory of our relationship?

This question works in a similar way to the previous one: remembering the happiest memories makes you rescue the best moments lived in a couple, stimulating ideas about a possible future together.

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3. What were you like as a child?

Whether you are getting to know each other or after some time in the relationship, knowing what each other liked to do, what your dreams were, and the biggest mischief of your partner's childhood often yields very interesting stories.

4. When did you know that I was the right person?

It could have been a specific attitude, something great no one else would do, or a meaningful little gesture: Knowing the answer to that question helps you understand why your partner admires you.

5. What do you think your ex girlfriends would say about you?

This is a question that can help you understand his or her view of your own role in a relationship, especially if you have been together for a short time. It's just not worth arguing about ex-boyfriends and girlfriends forever, okay?

6.? Do you prefer to talk about your problems on time or take the time to think ??

Perhaps your partner is the type who needs more time to process bad events. In that case, knowing this information allows you to leave it with your own thoughts until he or she is comfortable talking without you feeling left out. of his life or that he feels pressured.

7. Do you enjoy company when you are nervous?

Same principle as the question above: Some people like immediate support and others prefer to be a little lonely until they feel stronger. Knowing this prevents good intentions from worsening the situation unintentionally.

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8.? What was the last thing I did and you were very happy ??

It's hard to maintain an emotional connection when your efforts are unrecognized, right? If your partner is distracted, this is a question that allows him or her to take a moment to think about the things you do for the relationship.

9. What do you think of a particular sexual practice?

If you have a sex life, it is important that you know each other's preferences in moments of intimacy, as this also reinforces the emotional connection. Some things you will be able to notice? Live ?, but with others it is better to ask to avoid unpleasant surprises.

10. If you had infinite money, what would you be doing for a living?

This question is a good way to learn more about your partner's big dreams. Even though they are impossible at this time, having this knowledge allows you to help you get closer to them in a more realistic way.

11. Are there any couples that you consider to be your relationship goal?

It's not about comparing your relationship with others, but knowing what your partner believes to be a successful relationship? and make sure his vision matches your expectations.

12. What actions would lead me to terminate our relationship?

This question enables you to set some boundaries that would represent the impossibility of continuing the relationship. So, in addition to being able to avoid doing anything that hurts your partner, you can gauge how you feel about this "deal".

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13.? If you had a crystal ball, what would you ask ??

This joking question can actually lead to deeper conversations about your partner's biggest questions and expectations about the future, reinforcing your emotional connection.

14.? What superhero power would you like to have ??

This is yet another example of how to get to know your partner deeper through an exercise in imagination. After all, the chosen superpower? extraordinary strength, flying, invisibility, fighting skills, etc. ? can tell you a lot about his values.

15. If you could go back to the happiest moment of your life, what would it be?

In addition to allowing you to share happy stories from the past, this question? as well as others on this list? It's a way of understanding if your partner is comfortable opening up with you.

For a true emotional connection, the two partners must be able to establish a sincere conversation, those with "eye to eye". So try to take a quiet moment together to ask some of these questions and see what possibilities for deeper conversations they will open for both of you. The intimacy and solidity of a relationship are the result of the ability to know and understand each other, so it is essential to know how to talk and how to listen.

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