15 Surprise Ideas for Boyfriend

No matter what stage your relationship is in, it is always very important to remind the person with you that they are loved. Affections, words of love, pampering have no right date to be appreciated. The best relationship is one in which every day is important and counted as "Valentine's Day" even in bad times.

Since there are commemorative dates like Valentine's Day, dating anniversary, wedding anniversary or even the anniversary of your love, it is cool to come up with creative ideas to get out of the gift routine. A personalized gift, a surprise dinner or even a mid-business gift delivery makes anyone feel much loved and happy.

It was exactly the intention of journalist Daniela Paulino on Valentine's Day 2010: she was going through a bad phase battling breast cancer, but her boyfriend stood by her every day and encouraged her at every step of the treatment.

So that this was not just another Valentine's Day, the journalist wanted to make a surprise. “He always gave me great gifts and was giving super strength in cancer treatment, I thought it would be nice to have a personalized gift that had our face and remembered the moment. I always thought he looked like the boy of the couple? because of the hair. So I took a picture of the couple, customized my eyes and how bald I was, did the little bald girl too ?. Daniela says that besides the drawing, she gave other gifts, but the comic was a success and her boyfriend loved the personalized surprise.

Creative Gift Tips for Boyfriend

So that you too can surprise your love with different pampering, check out some cool ideas:

1. Cashier? My most precious possession? ? Buy a box of MDF and customize it. It can be painted, glued, the way you see fit. On the cover write the phrase? My most precious possession? or? What do I love the most? and at the bottom of the box glue a mirror. So when he opens the box, he will see his own image reflected in the mirror. Learn how to paint the MDF box in the following video:

2.? I love you? through the body ? This gift is more a spicy game between the couple than a gift itself. Write the phrase “I love you” through various body arts. and ask your love to search, he will love this research.

3. Leave little notes for him to find ? Nothing is better than being surprised by a letter or note with unexpected love vows. When your sweetheart is distracted, put a few messages for him in his wallet, on the car windshield, in his backpack. So when he finds your message he will surely think of you.

4. Letter with the songs that marked the couple's story ? On the day of the celebration, be it a boy's birthday, Valentine's Day or even boy's birthday write a little card and use in the middle of your words names of songs that have marked your story, but remember to highlight the names with pen mark -text or with colored pen for the boy to understand exactly what was his intention.

5. Smell of girlfriend ? Give him a stuffed animal or a nice pillow and give him the perfume he likes. He will love to sleep with your smell every day.

6. Couple Soundtrack ? This gift is a nice surprise and super easy to make. Record on a CD songs that tell your story, the first song you heard together, the song that played the first time you kissed, songs that remember the trip you made. Surely this gift will bring good memories.

7. Comic Book ? For folks who can handle editing and drawing programs, creating a couple's comic is a great idea.

8. Cash? 365 Reasons to Love It? ? Put in a decorated box of 365 papers, in each of them write a reason to love your boyfriend / groom / husband and ask him to take just one paper a day to know why you love him.

9. Five Senses ? This gift is really cool and creative. Gather 5 sense-related gifts: Smell, Touch, Sight, Taste and Hearing. Separate into gift bags and write out what sense that gift is related to. For example, in the bag of vision you can put a movie he likes, or a picture frame with a picture of you, in touch a blindfold, or a massage oil, just abuse creativity to surprise.

10. Breakfast Basket ? Nothing better than waking up to a good surprise and having breakfast with your loved one. No need to buy a ready-made breakfast basket, you can go to the market and buy the items your sweetheart likes best and put together a unique and personalized basket for him.

11. Serenade of Love ? Do you know how to play any instrument and sing? Ready your personalized gift, sing a romantic song to melt the heart of your love. No need to do in public, can be only in the intimacy of the couple.

12. Photo Gifts ? There are several places you find on the internet that customize everything. Mobile covers, pillows, puzzles, slippers, whatever you put pictures of the couple is cool and unique, it's worth investing.

13. Letters? Open When? ? This idea is inspired by the movie PS. I love you, where the husband knew he was going to die of a serious illness and left many surprises for his wife. Write several letters and on the envelope put? Open when?.? So let your creativity flow: Open when you miss it, Open when your day is bad, Open when you need a hug.

14. Make a Scrapbook ? Scrapbook is that book full of memories that you can decorate your way. It's very cool, it gets creative and if you're one of those who likes to keep memories of every meeting it's even easier, just putting together all the souvenirs and putting together the book telling your story through the small details.

15. Candlelight Dinner ? It's cliché, but it always surprises and pleases. If you or love live alone, or rather if you live together, just plan it all and stay home waiting for it to come in with all the lights out, just candle lighting, a tasty hot meal ready and you're dressed to kill? . It is an unforgettable surprise for sure.

The interesting thing is to bring a personal touch to the gift you want to give, put characteristics of the couple, tastes of your love, use and abuse creativity. Gifts like this are remembered forever.


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