15 Sweet Potato Cake Recipes to Enjoy Healthily

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Sweet potato cake is a great dish option to be inserted in the menu of those who seek a healthy diet. After all, consuming low glycemic carbohydrate helps curb your appetite and still provides energy. Not to mention the nutrients in the vegetable.

To make a delicious cake batter using sweet potatoes, just check the recipes below and choose your favorite:

1. Traditional Sweet Potato Cake

Beat that desire to eat a simple cake to be made, but that does not disappoint by the taste? So this may be the right recipe for you. In addition, the pasta has a touch of sweetened condensed milk that goes well with the sweet potato. Learn how to do it.

2. Sweet Potato Cake with Coconut

In this recipe, first, the liquid ingredients are beaten in a blender. Then the dry ones also come into play. Only the yeast is added later. If it's a simple walkthrough and a little coconut taste you want, check out this option.

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3. Sweet Potato Cake with Condensed Milk

In addition to combining the flavor of sweet potato with condensed milk, in this recipe, the cake is decorated with icing sugar. This makes the taste very sweet. Not to mention that the appearance is very charming. Worth a try. See the step by step.

4. Cuddly Sweet Potato Cake

For those looking for convenience, it is worth checking out a pasta recipe that is made in a blender. In addition, this is a gluten and lactose free option and has the addition of chia. All of this makes this a fitness recipe.

5. Sweet Potato and Chocolate Cake

Made without gluten, without milk, without soy and without white sugar, this is a healthy option to enjoy in your daily life. For the end result to be very tasty, chocolate powder comes into play. With a practical walkthrough, you will always want to make this recipe at home. Run to see the details of the preparation.

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6. Sweet Potato, Chocolate and Oatmeal Cake

With a fluffy dough and a creamy texture, this recipe surprises with its flavor. To improve even more, the result is nutritious as it is rich in fiber and protein and has only 6% fat. A great option to delight yourself in a healthy way. check it step by step.

7. Sweet Potato, Chocolate and Walnut Cake

At first glance, this cake looks like a crazy traditional deny. But when you take the first bite, you can tell you have something special in the dough. This happens due to the use of sweet potatoes and nuts. In addition, there is also the step by step of a syrup to close the recipe with golden key. Learn how to do it.

8. Sweet Potato Cake with Oats and Raisins

Simple to make, this is a recipe that includes the addition of chia, raisin and oatmeal. The result is a healthy cake, but one that doesn't leave the taste aside. All this with a step by step beyond simple. Check out the full recipe.

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9. Sweet Potato Cake with Banana

To make the cake taste even more delicious, this recipe has the addition of banana. The fruit also makes a difference in the texture of the dough, which gets denser. In addition, vanilla essence and cinnamon powder come in to flavor the dish. See how to do it.

10. Coconut Milk Sweet Potato Cake

If you are looking for convenience, this recipe may be a great choice. This is because she uses sweet potato flour, which is bought ready. Thus, you avoid having to peel and cook the vegetable. Watch the video and learn the complete walkthrough.

11. Whole and Raw Sweet Potato Cake

In this recipe, all ingredients are beaten together in a blender, including raw sweet potatoes. This makes the preparation time not so long. After all, you don't have to cook the vegetable. In addition, coconut gives the cake a special flavor, as many ingredients used in it use as a base such as sugar, oil, milk and even grated fruit.

12. Pre-Workout Sweet Potato Cake

To test this recipe at home, you need to beat egg yolks with sugar and ghee butter. Then sweet potatoes and water are added to the mix. Then snow whites and baking powder also come into play. Finally, just take the dough to bake. Check out the full recipe.

13. Fit Sweet Potato Cake

With a blender dough and a dense, wet texture, but with a crispy cone, this recipe may come as a surprise. It is easy to make and yet has a very special taste. Watch the video with all the details of this delight.

14. Simple Salty Sweet Potato Cake

Not only can sweet cakes be made with sweet potatoes.If you want a salty option for your day, this may be the ideal recipe. This requires raw grated vegetables, peanut flour, quinoa flakes, eggs, oil, spinach, spices, vinegar, baking powder and baking soda. check it step by step.

15. Seasoned Salted Sweet Potato Cake

Similar to the previous option here, almond flour is the one chosen for cake preparation. For those who like the mild flavor of this oilseed, this recipe may be perfect. This with a simple step by step to be reproduced at home. Watch the video in full detail.

So, did you like the recipes on the list? If you are a curious person, you may want to know even more about sweet potato. So you can see how well it is to add this ingredient to the menu.

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