20 Tips for Improving Sex

Sexual intercourse is a very important aspect in relationships. It serves as a thermometer to detect how the relationship is on the affective side and how it is influencing the intimacy of the couple.

When sex falls into routine and there is a decrease in sexual appetite, it is essential to invest in strategies to warm up the moments for two. To help, we've selected 20 tips on how to improve sex. These are simple tips, but they deserve to be put into practice. Check out:

1 ? Have self confidence. The safe woman is sexy. Even when you are out of shape or a few extra pounds for man, what really counts is the feeling you make him feel. If both are involved in sensuality, then sex will be great.

2 ? Going on what you're going to wear. Choosing the right lingerie can save a boring night. You can also dare and put on a costume for you to have even more fun together.

3 ? Do not have a specific day or time set for sexual intercourse. This increases the chances of frustration as no one has time to feel desire. Let it happen without pressure.

4 ? Be patient and know how to wait, don't go so thirsty to the pot. Try to keep up the pace. If you are more in the mood for your partner, invest in caresses to get them in the mood together.

5 ? Bathing with your partner can be a great way to warm the weather and increase intimacy between the two. In addition, the bath is relaxing and helps to prepare you both for sex.

6 ? After bathing, scent some specific areas with perfumes or aphrodisiac flavoring oils. This can make a difference and make them more excited.

7 ? Massage is also a very interesting alternative to spice up the mood between the couple. She can start in the bath with foam or soap and continue in bed with massage oils.

8 ? Another tip is to use candles for massage. These candles leave the room with a delicious aroma and when melted they turn into massage oil. Candles also give a more sensual air to the environment.

9 ? When giving or receiving massage, make the best of this moment. Don't go head to head, explore every inch of your partner's body and let yourself be explored. This suspense makes the couple even more excited.

10 ? The kiss is also a great ally at this time. Kissing with passion is one of the best ways to arouse desire. Therefore, invest in warm kisses and never stop kissing your partner, because kissing is one of the main ingredients of a good relationship. If the kiss isn't good, it's probably not the relationship either.

11 ? Abuse creativity and have sex in different places. It can be in a different environment of the house or somewhere other than your home or the motel. Just be careful not to have sex in public as this is prohibited.

12 ? Make your partner more comfortable by showing that you are also interested in sex issues. Suggest different positions or say you want to see a spicy movie with him.

13 ? Some sensual jokes help develop the couple's sexuality and make them more comfortable. A nice option is to play with the striptease die or other sexy toys and games that can be found in sex shops.

14 ? To make your partner even more excited, don't turn off all the lights. Leave the room a little lit so he can see your curves and the weather will heat up even more.

15 ? Always have some necessary items around. This includes lubricants, traditional or different condoms, vibrators and other products that you find interesting. Go to a sex shop and have fun buying gadgets to spice up your intimate life.

16 ? It is important to remember that if penetration occurs before both are well aroused, it may cause some discomfort or the relationship is not as good as it could be. Note your partner's signals and also know how to signal that you are ready for the attack.

17 ? Vary sexual positions to find different points of pleasure. If you don't like sex very much, it may be your fault that you have sex. Changing positions can make you understand each other better in bed. How about trying something new?

18 ? Another point to consider is that orgasm is not the most important factor in sexual intercourse let alone the only reason why people have sex. Learn to value the moment, pleasure can come in many ways, but it won't come if you just think about orgasm.

19 ? Use that moment after intercourse to hold each other in silence. No need to talk right now, the silence speaks for itself at these times.Getting together you are already showing love, complicity and respect for each other.

20 ? Keep in mind that the most important thing about sexual intercourse is not the time of penetration or how many times you have been able to orgasm, but to spend time together intimately. Enjoy each part of the sexual relationship without skipping steps, as one is no more important than the other.

Top 20 Great Sex Tips for Men - Sexual Knowledge Channel (June 2023)

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