21 Condensed Milk Pudding Recipes That Taste Many Palates

Condensed milk pudding is undoubtedly one of the most beloved desserts among Brazilians. But, did you know that it is one of the inheritances of the Portuguese colonizers? It all started with traditional milk pudding, invented well before condensed milk, based on milk, sugar and many eggs.

Then, with the arrival of condensed milk in Brazil in 1890, signed by the Swiss Henri Nestlé, the product became successful among cooks and soon? Merged? to the traditional milk pudding recipe, making this candy more? complete? and much more delicious.

Is the success of condensed milk pudding unquestionable today? Hard to find someone who can resist this dessert, which is not only tasty, but easy to make and relatively inexpensive (as it has few ingredients).

When making condensed milk pudding, despite the classic recipes, does each person have their own preferences? There are those who prefer it with holes, there are those who have tricks to leave it without? There are those who like it more firmly, as well as those who enjoy a very creamy pudding.

However, regardless of the recipe, it is a fact that condensed milk pudding is a practical, tasty dessert that pleases many palates! So get inspired and choose your favorite recipe!

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Traditional and irresistible puddings

1. Basic Condensed Milk Pudding: A super simple recipe to make whenever you want this irresistible sweet. You will only use condensed milk, milk, eggs and sugar to caramelize.

2. Perfect Condensed Milk Pudding: You will only need condensed milk, milk, eggs and crystal sugar. Once done, the pudding should be about 8 hours in the fridge, so remember to prepare in advance!

3. Creamy Condensed Milk Pudding: To make this delight, you will need condensed milk, whole milk, vanilla essence, eggs, sugar and water. The preparation has no secrets and the result is amazing.

4. Delightful Condensed Milk Pudding: If you like a super creamy pudding without holes, this recipe is for you! If you prefer with holes, just beat the ingredients in the blender and skip the step of passing through the sieve. But with or without holes, this pudding looks wonderful!

5. Condensed Milk Pudding in a Pot: You can use this recipe and prepare this pudding in a traditional way, but making it in the pot makes your dessert so much more charming and different. Good choice to make and delight your love on a special day!

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6. Aerated Condensed Milk Pudding: It's simple to make and a real delight! It has holes on the outside, but it is dense and creamy inside. You will only use condensed milk, milk, eggs and crystal sugar to caramelize the pan.

7. Firm, glossy condensed milk pudding: a pudding that gets "harder" is creamy and without holes. You will use condensed milk, milk, free-range eggs and sugar and water for the syrup. The preparation has no secret!

8. Chef Flavio Frederico's Condensed Milk Pudding: Learn how to make flat-hole condensed milk pudding with one of the best pastry chefs in the country, Flavio Federico. Surely everyone will love the result.

9. Christmas Eve Pudding: The perfect pudding for your Christmas dinner or any other special occasion. You will only use water, sugar, condensed milk, milk, eggs, vanilla paste (or vanilla extract or bean).

10. Condensed milk mini pudding with holes: Small, these puddings make your dessert very elegant and delicious. In the recipe was used large muffin pan, with 140 g in each cavity, but you can use cups with 120 g each and thus will yield 8 minipudins.

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11. Condensed Milk Mini Pudding Without Holes: Made in miniforms, these puddings are delicious as well as beautiful. You will only need sugar, water, condensed milk, milk, eggs and vanilla extract (or vanilla bean). The yield is six servings.

Somewhat different puddings

12. Microwave Condensed Milk Pudding: As good as traditionally made. You can make this recipe in a mug (or two depending on size) or in pots.

13. Coconut Condensed Milk Pudding: Sometimes it is good to add a special touch to an already delicious recipe, right? This pudding gets grated fresh coconut and is very different from the original, but very tasty.

14. Vanilla Condensed Milk Pudding: In this recipe, caramel is made only with sugar.The process is faster and you can stir in sugar while caramelizing. The only important thing is not to leave it in the pan when done, because the caramel hardens in a matter of seconds.

15. Condensed milk pudding with cream cheese: Condensed milk pudding is already a delight, so imagine when you get cream cheese in the preparation ?! Also, the recipe is easy. It's worth a try.

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16. Ricotta Condensed Milk Pudding: This pudding gets the special ricotta feel. To make the texture a little firmer, the recipe tip is to add a little cornstarch, but this is optional.

17. Condensed milk pudding with coconut and cream cheese: A delicious pudding melts in your mouth. Anyone who wants to can replace cream cheese with cream cheese, it works too. Good tip for those who like to vary the recipes!

18. Condensed Milk Pudding with Cornstarch: From a light preparation, this pudding only contains condensed milk, whole milk, eggs and a spoon of cornstarch, which gives a special touch to the texture.

19. Cashew Nut Condensing Milk Pudding: To Get? Party Air? and more irresistible, this pudding carries ground cashews on top. You can also replace cashews with nuts if you prefer.

20. Pumpkin Condensed Milk Pudding: A pudding that becomes very creamy. The taste of the pumpkin is not even felt, just its irresistible creaminess. It is worth adding this ingredient, everyone will be amazed at the result!

21. Condensed milk pudding diet: to eat without blame! You will only need oven and stove sweetener, eggs, diet condensed milk powder, water, milk and vanilla beans (optional).

Both the traditional and the most elaborate versions of condensed milk pudding are simple to make, have few ingredients and appeal to most palates! It's the right dessert for your weekend lunch or other special occasions!

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