21 Simple Cornmeal Cake Recipes That Are Pure Cozy

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Hard to find who doesn't have, among their family recipes or among Grandma's recipes, a simple cornmeal cake version. That's because, despite being totally popular, cornmeal cake is one of those types of recipes that each person prepares in a special way. There are, for example, those who add coconut or guava; or even those who prefer to put only fennel.

Anyway, does the cornmeal cake please exactly for its simplicity, the way it refers to family moments, a breakfast or afternoon tea that is in no hurry to end? Cosiness is the defining word! Get inspired by delicious versions of simple cornmeal cake that do not leave you wanting in flavor.

Simple prepared cornmeal cake

1. Fluffy cornmeal cake: Easy to make, you only need eggs, sugar, oil, sifted flour, sifted cornmeal, baking powder and warm milk. Fennel is optional, but adds a special touch to the recipe.

2. Creamy cornmeal cake: it is delicious and is made in a blender, very simply. A perfect cake to accompany a coffee, even when you get home visit. Here's the tip!

3. Wet cornmeal cake: It is very creamy and tasty. You can mix everything directly in a blender or, if you prefer, put and mix in a glass bowl. An important tip is, when removing the cake from the oven (when it is already golden brown), let it cool completely before taking shape.

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4. Granny's cornmeal cake: It turns very yellow, soft and moist unlike most cakes made with cornmeal only. The secret of the recipe is to cook the dough like an angu before mixing the egg yolks, yeast and egg whites and then baking.

5. Blender cornmeal cake: Creamy, yields about 12 servings and is very easy to make. It has a base of dough, in the middle a filling that looks like a pudding and, on top, another layer of cake. You can prepare it by beating it in a blender or in a bowl.

6. Mug cornmeal cake: Mug cake is pure practicality, so nothing fairer than making the cornmeal cake version in this format! Best of all, this recipe is finished with melted guava, the cake has incredible texture and flavor.

7. Skillet cornmeal cake: a different way to make the famous cornmeal cake with coconut and guava pieces. A gluten-free recipe, perfect for your mouth-watering breakfast or afternoon snack!

8. Air Fryer cornmeal cake: Creamy, practical and delicious. It is ready quickly and takes few ingredients. You'll need milk, cornmeal, egg, a pinch of salt, grated coconut, yeast, grated Parmesan cheese, flour, butter or margarine, plus a small baking dish that can go to Air Fryer.

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9. Microwave Cornmeal Cake: Very handy, it is ready in about five minutes, so it's a great tip for when you get a last-minute home visit. Remember to use a glass cake pan or other type of microwave-safe container.

10. Baked Cornmeal Cake: Unlike some versions of cornmeal cake, this recipe makes the cake moist and tasty. For starters, you put all the ingredients in the pan except the yeast and eggs and cook over medium heat to make the mixture thicken and stick to the side of the pan. It's worth checking and writing down the full recipe.

11. Diet cornmeal cake: wonderful version for those who can't consume sugar. You will use cornmeal, oatmeal, grated coconut, fennel, sweetener powder (or drops if you prefer), eggs, milk, oil, salt and baking powder.

12. Gluten and lactose free cornmeal cake: easy and made entirely in a blender. Among its differentials, this recipe uses coconut milk, demerara sugar, cinnamon, sweet cornmeal, sweet oatmeal and xanthan gum (an ingredient that gives the expected consistency for the cake batter).

Simple Cornmeal Cake with Flavor

13. Yogurt cornmeal cake: Cuddly and very easy to make. A simple but important difference is to start by placing the liquid ingredients in the blender, this ensures that the mixture is in fact homogeneous. Then, with the cake ready, sprinkle with icing sugar and cinnamon.

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14. Cornmeal cake with coconut milk: Good choice for those who do not eat cow's milk.But even those who have no restrictions on traditional milk will love this version, as the end result is a cake of balanced and delicious flavors.

15. Coconut cornmeal cake: A different version in which you start by cooking the ingredients. You will put the cornmeal, sugar, milk and oil in the pan and cook like porridge. After cooling, just add shredded coconut, eggs and yeast, and finally transfer everything to baking.

16. Cornmeal cake with guava: for those who prefer to give a special touch to the traditional cornmeal cake. Although cornmeal + guava is a kind of successful combination, which has become practically a classic! The cake goes well with a cup of coffee or tea.

17. Cheesy Cornmeal Cake: Creamy and amazing, great version for those who like to mix sweet and savory flavors. Not to mention that the preparation is very simple, in the blender. It is worth preparing and serving with freshly brewed coffee.

18. Fennel Cornmeal Cake: A gluten-free version that, unlike some people fear, makes the cake look great. The bottom is very fluffy and the top brings a tasty and velvety cream.

19. Cornmeal cake with orange juice: The perfect combination of two classic cakes, the cornmeal cake and the orange cake. The recipe yields about 18 servings and drops a lot for breakfast, afternoon snack or even dessert.

20. Cornmeal cake with guava syrup: A good option to take at the June or Julina parties, because the yellow cornmeal cake with the guava syrup is incredibly beautiful and inviting. But nothing prevents you from preparing this delight at home too, when you beat that desire for a sweet cake!

21. Mixed cornmeal cake: a different version that mixes the flavors of cornmeal cake with chocolate, not to mention that it looks great. In addition to the main ingredients (cornmeal and chocolate powder), you will use milk, oil, sugar, flour and baking powder.

With guava, coconut, chocolate, fennel? No matter, it's hard to find someone who can resist a simple and delicious cornmeal cake, especially when served with a hot coffee or tea. Get inspired too with delicious carrot cake recipes.

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