3 Practical Ideas To Disguise Cellulite

Summer is here and it's time to abuse the shorter pieces of clothing that show off your legs and in seaside productions where your thighs and butt also stand out in bikinis and swimsuits.

But if you are not ready to use them because of the undesirable cellulitis, the tip is to bet on the tricks to try to camouflage the brands. check out 3 Practical Ideas To Disguise Cellulite and enjoy the summer without worrying.

Leg makeup

THE makeup for legs It has the same effect as conventional makeup, except that it helps hide cellulite, stretch marks and body imperfections.

You can achieve a beautiful, smooth, natural looking legs effect by applying a spray foundation that is close to the natural color of your skin.

As the application is done by spray, the leg-specific makeup promises not to stain clothes and not get out in the water. To avoid staining the leg, the tip is to apply the base in small amounts, always making circular movements.

In the butt and thighs, it is necessary to be careful in the makeup and to add a little more to hide the imperfections. It is also possible disguise cellulite Using a common base, but care must be taken as the product can come out in the water and on very hot days the base can melt and stain all clothing.


Some women rely on beige (skin-colored) pantyhose to disguise cellulite in bare-legged clothes, and the trick is true even in summer.

But so that the look is not so detonated with this hue tone, the tip is to bet on beige fishnets, which in addition to helping to disguise cellulite, gives a modern and discreet touch to the production. In addition, it is a type of sock that can be worn in summer without fear of heat as it is completely leaked.

Parade trick

One trick often used by models on carnival catwalks and muses is to apply hairspray, even hair spray, to the body regions where these cellulite marks are most evident. When the hairspray dries, it leaves the surface of the skin looking "plasticized", smoother and with a certain shine. In addition to helping to disguise the holes, the technique also makes the region firmer.

Remember that the hairspray trick to disguise cellulite It only helps to soften the unpleasant appearance of the skin and does not eliminate or hide the problem altogether. According to experts, hairspray can be used if the person is not allergic to the components of the product. Never use the trick on the beach. Product applied during sun exposure may cause stains. Also, as the skin perspires the effect of the hairspray will come undone.

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