3 reasons to go to an outdoor gym

As the pace of life continues to accelerate, especially in large cities, it is difficult to find time to exercise. In addition, all the current technology we have access to helps people spend more and more time indoors, since you don't have to go to almost anything.

Food, clothing, leisure, and even contact with friends and relatives are items available through the computer or the telephone without getting up from the couch. According to surveys conducted in a group of developing countries, more than 60% of adults in urban areas practice physical exercises at a lower frequency than recommended by experts.

A good option for those who have a hectic routine and do not have the time or money to attend a conventional gym is to enjoy a outdoor gym. Initially made available by municipal governments in several cities around the country, these academies encourage the practice of physical activities without, however, requiring excessive user effort. This makes them perfect for those who do not usually move and seeks the strengthening of muscles and joints, in order to avoid health problems resulting from physical inactivity.

Outdoor training combines the advantages of exercise with the benefits of contact with nature. Will choosing to practice your daily activities at an outdoor gym turn your attention off? even for a few minutes? of stress suffered in everyday life, which helps to reduce anxiety and other psychological disorders caused by it, contributing to mental health, well-being and, consequently, the increased quality of life.

We have selected three reasons why it is advantageous to opt for an outdoor gym.


Due to the awareness of governments and citizens, they are present today in most places of movement of people in cities. They are easy to find in squares, clubs or parks, and lately even condominiums and hotels have been joining the project. The spread of the idea makes it accessible to most people, and there is probably one near your house, which means you don't have to go to other parts of the city for exercise.

Are free

The gyms are free. There is no membership or registration fee, they are available to anyone who wants to use them as they are considered by the public and private administrations instruments in the fight against sedentary lifestyle and the diseases caused by it.

Contact with nature and sociability

Contact with nature? in the case of parks and squares? It is critical for those who spend the day dealing with problems at work or in school. Establishing this kind of connection a few times a week has been shown to be beneficial for reducing stress and depression, among other nerve diseases. Attending an outdoor gym also gives you the opportunity to increase your social skills, as you share your use of equipment with people who are not part of your daily life.

With all these benefits at your fingertips, there is no excuse for standing still. Find the nearest outdoor gym and start leading a healthier life now.

Outdoor gym: How to take your gym routine outdoors (August 2021)

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