30 Tropical Salad Recipes for a Light, Colorful Meal

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Sometimes all you want is to eat something light, refreshing and practical to do. In this sense, the tropical salad is an excellent option. Mixing different vegetables, leaves, vegetables and even fruits, this is a dish that goes well with both lunch and dinner, serving as a side dish or even main meal.

If you want to take a fresh look at your everyday menus, check out the 30 tropical salad recipes below. There are from the simplest versions to those beyond special, with unusual ingredients. Choose your favorite and enjoy!

Simple Tropical Salad Recipes

1. Simple Tropical Salad: Practically a fruit salad, but with a touch of cabbage, this recipe is refreshing and looks great on its own as a lunchtime accompaniment. The walkthrough video still teaches you how to make a delicious seasoning sauce.

2. Simple tropical arugula salad with mango: finely chopped arugula, diced mango, olive oil, seasoned salt with oregano and vinegar. A salad full of color is ready. Master's touch: Add grilled chicken to the arugula and mango mix. It becomes a complete meal!

3. Tropical Salad with Mayonnaise Dressing: For any special occasion as well as everyday life, this colorful salad is a hit. The ingredients required are chard, carrot, apple, pineapple, raisin, green smell, mayonnaise, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Garnish with tomatoes.

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4. Red Coleslaw with Apple: If you haven't tried combining fruits with cabbage, you don't know what you're missing. Besides being tasty, the dish is very nutritious! This option combines red cabbage with grated carrots and diced apple. For seasoning, salt, pepper, lemon juice, olive oil and a touch of chopped green onions.

5. Tropical Coleslaw: Think of a salad that, although it has the tropical in its name, blends perfectly with rain and cold. This is it. Coarse grated cabbage is accompanied by carrots and sweet orange wedges. To top it off, Feta cheese, chopped walnuts and toasted sunflower seeds. The texture is wonderful, as is the taste.

6. Tropical salad with mango, carrot and cabbage: Combining different ingredients without fear can provide amazing discoveries. Maybe you never thought of mixing mango and cabbage in the same salad, for example? But you should! Few calories and lots of flavor, hard not to enjoy.

7. Tropical salad of cabbage, arugula and pineapple: for warm evenings, a dinner that is pure lightness. This salad is nutritious and can be made in a matter of minutes. Just chop the ingredients into small pieces and season them the way you prefer.

8. Tropical salad with red cabbage, mint and mango: Mint is an excellent ally for good digestion. That is, including it in your diet is always a great idea. In this tropical salad idea, mint leaves add a refreshing twist to the combination of lettuce, watercress, mango and red cabbage. Try it!

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9. Refreshing Tropical Salad: For both family barbecue and main course, this is a recipe for leaving notes in the notebook and preparing whenever you want something quick. In addition to the spices, she only needs tomatoes, cucumbers and red onions!

10. Tropical salad with hearts of palm: Palm hearts are a very popular ingredient in salads, and here they are combined with lettuce, mango, tomatoes, chives, salt, olive oil, black pepper and lemon juice. Just chop it all and mix, no secret and no difficulty. Then just enjoy yourself.

11. Tropical salad with fruits and chicken: A good recipe is one that takes advantage of the ingredients that are giving soup in the fridge. This saladone uses diced smoked chicken, pineapple, green apple, raisin, plain yogurt and sour cream. Practically a salpicão, a wonder.

12. Tropical salad with chicken and carrot: nieces in the fridge, you are summoned! Here the idea is to use those leftovers from other meals, such as shredded chicken, a piece of carrot and green leaves. To top it off, prepare a sauce with plain yogurt, honey, mustard, salt and pepper. Mouth watering!

13. Tropical salad with chicken breast, leaves and fruits: Chicken breast has the power to transform a simple salad into a complete meal. This recipe here is not much of a mystery when it comes to preparing and still provides a burst of sensation over sweet and salty ingredients. It's worth checking the walkthrough.

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14Tropical salad with mango and curd cheese: You may find it strange to mix mango and cheese, but once you try this salad you will discover a new universe. Simple to make, this recipe goes very well with a good lasagna for Sunday lunch.

15. Bean Sprout Tropical Salad: Quick to make and with interesting ingredients, this tropical salad is about to win your heart. To prepare it at home you will need flat lettuce, curly lettuce, watercress, cherry tomatoes, Japanese cucumber, bean sprouts, mango and star fruit.

Whimsical Tropical Salad Recipes

16. Tropical salad with fruits, nuts and turkey breast: Sometimes all you want is a slightly more festive salad with special ingredients. Here is a perfect recipe to prepare at these times. She gets half salty and half sweet, amazing. The secret is in the combination of fruits in syrup with the smoked turkey breast.

17. Tropical Salad for Christmas: In addition to its deliciousness, this salad has quite a presentation, imitating a Christmas garland. The necessary ingredients are a treat, from pickled corn to pineapple in syrup. Capriche on carrot and beet flowers to decorate.

18. Tropical salad with swiss chard, cabbage, fruit and sour cream: For those days when you have no ideas on how to make a whim salad, here's a simple alternative. The list of ingredients is long, but the result is to get compliments! You will need chard, lettuce, cabbage, strawberry, apple, grape, sour cream, mustard and salt.

19. Tropical Coleslaw and Yogurt Dressing: Easy to make, this salad is great for daily serving and accompanying your meals. To prepare at home you will need green cabbage, red cabbage, carrots, chives, greek yogurt, lemon, honey, yellow mustard, salt and pepper.

20. Tropical coleslaw, green apple and dried fruits: Prepared with lac free yogurt dressing, this salad is one that pays attention to every detail. It can be served in both individual portions and on a large platter. The colors are beautiful and the look is worthy of a cooking magazine.

21. Tropical red cabbage salad with peanuts: Have you tried using red cabbage in your culinary inventions? The ingredient is low in calories and has many health benefits, not to mention that it goes well with light salads and fruits. Prepare this tropical salad at home, your family will love.

22. Tropical salad with chicken and orange sauce: A salad dressing doesn't have to be complicated to be appetizing. To prepare an orange, for example, you will only need fruit juice, salt, olive oil and black pepper. Garlic and oregano croutons bring a crunchy touch.

23. Tropical red cabbage salad with apple and raisin: Mixing sweet with savory flavors is always a good idea, but you have to get it right. Gluten-free, this salad serves up to four people and comes with a different proposition, with ingredients such as raisins and garlic mayonnaise. What about?

24. Tropical Macaroni Salad: Anyone on the macaroni team needs to check out this recipe step by step. The best is that the preparation is very simple: just mix all the ingredients with pasta already cooked. The sauce is special, made with mayonnaise and pickled pineapple!

25. Tropical Salad with Kani: A different way to serve salad is in the form of appetizers, in individual portions. It is a charm! With fish sticks, mangoes and cucumbers, this salad here is inspired by a restaurant recipe and will surprise your guests.

26. Mango and Strawberry Smoked Salmon Tropical Salad: A Famous Restaurant Salad at Home? YES! This recipe here is beautiful and is mega healthy, perfect for starting a special meal. To top it off, season with a sauce based on olive oil, mustard, red wine vinegar, lemon juice, sugar and salt.

27. Tropical Mango, Avocado and Cucumber Salad: Those who enjoy a bittersweet flavor can not help but try this proposal here, which combines cucumber, avocado, mango and green leaves. To make this salad a main dish, add some oil seeds or seeds such as nuts, almonds or sunflower seeds.

28. Chili and Strawberry Tropical Salad: Yes, it may seem odd to use strawberry and chili on the same plate, but it is one of those combinations that you need to try at least once. It's beautiful, it's light, it's a wonder!

29. Tropical salad with chicken, leaves, fruits and vegetables: Great for Christmas and New Year's Eve supper, but also for everyday life, this salad has everything you're entitled to. It combines sour cream and shredded boiled chicken breast with various items such as corn, mozzarella cheese, olive and pineapple!

30. Parma Ham, Leaves, Mango and Ice Cream Tropical Salad: You didn't read it wrong, this salad has an unusual touch of lemon ice cream. Sophisticated, the salad should be served in individual cumbucas, and it includes miscellaneous leaves, mango, parma ham, sesame seed and sunflower seed.

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