4 physical activities to lose belly

Abdominal fat, besides being aesthetically condemned, is also a major factor causing heart attacks, strokes and diabetes. Liposuction, for example, is unable to eliminate it and this is because the procedure does not include the removal of fat from internal organs, vessel walls or the belly, which is the most dangerous.

Miraculous solutions are not being considered in these cases and the best action to take is to start a more balanced and healthy diet, and invest time in physical activities.

According to a study by Duke University Medical Center in the United States, the most effective exercises for losing belly are aerobics. The researchers followed for six months 196 adults between 18 and 70 years old, sedentary and overweight. The group that performed only aerobic exercises (running 12 kilometers per week) had a 67% more loss in calories than the group that performed resistance exercises (abdominal, for example).

In addition to accelerated calorie loss, aerobic exercise has also been shown to be more effective in reducing visceral fat, which is the accumulated fat in the belly area. The third group, which performed a combination of both types of exercise, obtained similar results to the group that only practiced running.

So here are some powerful exercises in the fight against the tummy and its ills.

1. Abdominal

The great myth of localized fat loss. Abdominal exercises strengthen the belly muscles, toning them and enhancing the flat stomach effect. But it is important to remember that they do not burn fat on their own. This means you can use them as a complement to a training program, but if you just bet on it, you'll waste time. Your body does not burn localized fat, it removes the calories needed to practice a certain activity from all body reserves evenly. This is why aerobic exercises are most effective when the goal is to lose the belly.

2. Running or walking

It is not worth running ten kilometers once a week and expecting the fat to fall apart. What slows down is the continuity of the activity and the persistence in performing it with moderate intensity and frequency, alternating between cycles of greater or less physical effort during the same training period. These spikes of intensity require the body to burn calories from even the most complicated places, such as the abdomen.

3. Dance

The important thing is to move! Dancing moves most of the muscles in the body and is a very enjoyable activity. A good exercise option to burn calories without much suffering.

4. Bicycle

Try going to work by bike. Or take a walk around town after work. Using the proper safety equipment, exercise is pleasurable and brings significant results to the body. In addition to burning calories and helping you lose your belly, do you tone your leg and butt muscles? Irresistible side effects for every woman who doesn't have much time to exercise.

Aerobic exercises are efficient, but require good fitness. Do not forget to stretch before starting the activities and start with light sets, increasing the intensity and frequency slowly. Taking these precautions, go running wearing your shoes and put this body to work!

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