40 animated films that will delight your family

Animation is a perfect genre to watch with the whole family. Usually the indicative rating of animated films is free, which allows children to follow the stories smoothly. The plots can be as varied as classic fairy tale stories, not-so-scary monsters, talking toys, fun animals, and more.

The taste for animated films also depends on the genre of each one. Most of them are designed to please boys and girls, always bringing the importance of love and family relationships. Each storyline teaches something different, showing that watching animations with children can promote learning even as a leisure activity.

1. Monsters S.A. (2001)

Among Disney Pixar's best-known animations, Monsters S.A., available on Netflix, teaches a valuable lesson in acceptance, affection, and courage in facing the unknown. The plot chronicles the turnaround that occurs in the lives of Sullivan and Mike Wazowski, two monsters accommodated by their routines, who are never forced to take care of a small creature that will prove to them that not everything is as we imagined.

2. Snoopy and Charlie Brown: Peanuts? The Movie (2015)

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In 2015, one of television's most traditional designs won a film version. In this story, Charlie Brown, Snoopy and their friends emerge in new quests: a cute romance starring Charlie Brown and an adventure against Snoopy's arch enemy Red Baron. The rating is free and the movie is available in the Netflix catalog.

3. Bee Movie? The Story of a Bee (2008)

This animated movie from DreamWorks Animation is a pollination class available on Netflix. Through the vision of the Barry Benson Bee, the world is alerted to the importance of bee work to society, being vital for the survival of flowers and the rest of nature. Beyond the educational importance, Bee Movie? The Story of a Bee also brings a slightly different relationship between Barry and the human and florist, Vanessa.

4. Fun Mind (2015)

Fun Mind follows the life of a girl named Riley from the point of view of her emotions: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear, all responsible for controlling some of what the girl feels in her daily life. The trouble starts when Riley gets word from her parents that they need to move around and control of their feelings breaks down due to internal confusion. The movie, produced by Disney Pixar, is not cataloged on Netflix.

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5. The Adventures of Tintin (2012)

Based on the stories of Belgian designer Hergé, the film stars Detective Tintim and his dog Milu in search of lost treasure. It is impossible not to fall in love with this adventure full adventure and mystery, perfect for all generations of the family. Also, after watching this story, you can look for others in the books published by Companhia das Letras. The direction of the feature was Steven Spielberg and production for Peter Jackson. Watch on Netflix.

6. Madagascar (2005)

Madagascar accompanies four zoo animals on a jungle adventure: King Alex, the giraffe Melman, the hippo Gloria and the zebra Marty set off in search of their origins, following the wishes of Marty, who dreams of knowing nature beyond the gates of the Zoo. The film was so successful that it originated 2 sequential sequels and a spin off for television, titled The Penguins of Madagascar. The plot, available on Netflix, also features secondary characters that accentuate the humor layer of the story, such as the quirky King Julien and his squire Maurice.

7. Despicable Me (2010)

My Evil Favorite is pure learning in family love. Supervillain Gru and his partners Minions will conquer your heart with their clumsiness in their quest to complete a mind-boggling plan to steal the moon. To get an essential item for this attack, Gru will need to adopt three adorable little girls, Margô, Edith and Agness, who will forever change their life in the evil world. The story produced by Universal Studios in partnership with Illumination Entertainment is not cataloged on Netflix.

8. Pets? The Secret Life of Animals (2016)

Ever wonder what your pet does after you leave home? Pets? The Secret Life of Animals proposes to tell the secrets of the life of cats, dogs, birds and other animals that everyone has at home in a plot filled with cuteness and humor.Get ready to meet Max, Gigi, Honey, Lollipop, Duke, Buddy, Norman and many other characters from the pet world facing the terrible villain Snowball. The feature is from the same producers as Despicable Me and cannot be found on Netflix.

9. Frozen? A Freezing Adventure (2013)

The biggest box office success in animation can not miss its list of animated films. Frozen? A Freezing Adventure reinvents the Disney princess universe by offering a storyline featuring Elza and Anna, two heroines that go far beyond conquering the enchanted prince. What's more, Olaf's fun intrigue, the snowman, and the songs present make a difference in the quality of this beautiful animation that can be watched on Netflix.

10. It's Raining Hamburger (2009)

Flint Lockwood is the unsuccessful inventor protagonist of this animated feature. Amid a supply crisis in the city of Swallow Falls, the young man creates a machine that can turn water into food. However, this invention will eventually become a great trap. Get ready to get hungry in the face of this delicious and affordable Netflix adventure.

11. Finding Nemo (2003)

This Disney Pixar animation features Marlin, an overprotective father, and Dory, a forgotten fish crossing the seven seas to rescue Nemo, son of Marlin who was taken away by divers. In addition to Finding Nemo, recently released Finding Dory, a sequel that shows the entire gang of the first movie focused on getting to know the life story of the most famous bluefish on the big screen. Watch on Netflix.

12. The Forestless (2006)

Imagine you wake up and no longer have half your house to live in. This is the situation experienced by a group of animals that upon waking from the hibernation phase find themselves without forest to feed and continue with their routines. To get rid of this circumstance, they will need the help of valuable friends and face the fear of this new world imposed upon them. The feature is cataloged on Netflix.

13. Rio (2011)

Rio recounts a turnaround in the life of a blue macaw, hitherto completely accommodated to its pet life in the United States. Seeking to keep the species alive, Blue will come with her owner to Rio de Janeiro, where she will live countless situations that he had never imagined. To top it off, the mood of romance shines between the protagonists, Blue and Jade, who will discover love together. This animation is not accessible on Netflix.

14. The Bug Will Catch (2006)

Get ready to fight the hunters alongside Boog, a pet brown bear, Elliot, a cheeky deer and other forest animals, while Boog tries to understand how wildlife works. In an animal union, they will devise strategies to make the forest a safe place to live. The original feature has three sequels and is not available on Netflix.

15. Ratatouille (2007)

Ratouille tells the story of a young rat who loves food and dreams of being a great chef in Paris. The problem is that as a mouse, he is not fit to cook like a pro. Everything will change when he meets Linguini, a distraught employee who will propose an unusual partnership with the protagonist. Watch on Netflix.

16. Shrek (2001)

A fairytale inside out, Shrek delights in demonstrating that love goes far beyond appearances. Get ready to fall in love with a huge-hearted ogre, want to be a donkey's best friend, and meet So Far, the land of the characters in children's stories that have marked generations. This animation, available on Netflix, also has three sequential sequels, some shorts and a spin off of Puss in Boots, an important character in the feature films.

17. How to Train Your Dragon (2010)

It is impossible not to give in to the sincere friendship between Hiccup and Banguela. The protagonists teach the true value of brotherly love by creating a completely unlikely trust in the long storyline. You can check out this animated film and its continuation on Netflix and then look forward to the release of the third part of the story, scheduled for 2019.

18. The Godfather (2017)

A baby giving orders? Can this? That's what Boss will show you, a genius baby in a suit that is adopted by Tim's family. Together, they will face a mission to save their parents and restore the balance of love in the world, threatened by a powerful CEO. The animation was so successful that it won a series on Netflix titled The Little Chef? Back in Business, however, the original feature cannot be accessed on the platform.

19. The Origin of the Guardians (2012)

Are you ready to meet Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Jack Frost, Sandman and Bogeyman all at once? It seems unimaginable though, this DreamWorks Animation animation has succeeded! The highlight here is villain Breu, who wants to turn every dream into a nightmare and groundbreaking hero Jack Frost, a character who will help save the day by discovering his own story. Watch on Netflix.

20. It's Giving Wave (2007)

Tá Dando Onda tells the story of Cadu Maverick, a surfer and fan of the late idol Big Z. In pursuit of realizing his dream of being a champion in the sport, Cadu will meet Grilo, an old local with whom he will build a great friendship. Besides them, the story also has João Chicken, Tank Evans, Lani and many other characters, responsible for creating the conflicts present in the plot.You can find this title in the Netflix catalog.

21. Detonates Ralph (2012)

Sweetness and brutality meet in this most exhilarating animation. Meet Ralph, an evil villain who has nothing and Venellope, a fearless and dreamy protagonist, who doesn't know her past. The story takes place in the arcade of classic arcade video game machines and chronicles Ralph's quest for a medal that could change his position in his original game. Watch on Netflix.

22. Zootopia (2016)

Zootopia is an unpredictable animation that will surprise you positively. The plot presents a society formed by animals, until then considered by us, irrational. History builds a critique of corruption, highlights the importance of race equality and the dangers of prejudice, whatever it may be. Definitely a life lesson for the way we view life today. This title is not available in the Netflix catalog.

23. Trolls (2016)

Get ready to meet the Trolls, the happiest creatures in the world. In a lively musical comedy, these beings will have to face the challenges of life outside their tree to save their entire community from the Bergens, the most unfortunate creatures in the world. The animation is super colorful and the soundtrack features original songs by artists like Justin Timberlake and Gwen Stefani. The feature is not available on Netflix.

24. Live? Life is a Party (2017)

This recent Disney Pixar animation showcases Mexican culture through the holiday of the Day of the Dead. The story is starred by Miguel Rivera, a 12-year-old boy who dreams of being a musician but faces a ban on his family. One day, accidentally, Miguel will be transported along with his dog Dante to the world the dead, where will live the unexpected.

25. The Family of the Future (2007)

Family of the Future is an animation that invests in family relationships. Through time travel, inventions and a villain full of surprises, Disney Studios have been able to value the affection present in a home and create the notion that families can be defined in the craziest ways, regardless of blood ties. After watching this story, available on Netflix, it is impossible not to think: move on, even in the most difficult times.

26. Toy Story (1995)

It is impossible not to identify with this love story between toys and his best friend Andy. Meet the clashes of Woody, a cowboy character, and Buzz, an astronaut on an adventure through villain Sid's house. This original animation from Disney Pixar Studios has already become a children's classic and features many sequels, divided into short and long. Your family's relationship with toys will never be the same after this movie, which unfortunately is not in the Netflix catalog.

27. The Ferdinando Bull (2017)

This recently released animation based on the children's book Ferdinando the bull written by Munro Leaf criticizes the classic Spanish bullfighting. The story raises discussions about this spectacle and generates heated debates about the bull's role in all this. The film is a lesson in friendship and love for animals. This title cannot be checked on Netflix.

28. The Croods (2013)

A prehistoric family will come across its safe cave completely destroyed. With that, Grug, Ugga, Thunk, Sandy, Eep and their grandmother will need to search for a new home, which will mean a great adventure for the unknown. In the midst of all this, Eep will meet Guy, a nomad who will bring a lot of news to this family's life.

29. Cars (2006)

Cars features a vehicle-only society in which the stars are race cars. Learn the story of Lightning McQueen, a racing rookie who will swerve his way and fall into Radiator Springs, a city that will teach him that life can be so much more than just fame and awards. The animation has two sequences and can be checked on Netflix.

30. The Lorax: In Search of the Lost Truffle (2012)

In a city where everything is artificial, Ted will discover the importance of nature as he searches for a real tree and learns the story of Lorax, the keeper of the trumpet forest. The film is a colorful lesson about the importance of environmental preservation for the future of the planet. Check out the story on Netflix.

31. Gnome and Juliet (2011)

Based on the William Shakespeare classic, Gnomeo and Juliet adapt the plot to a conflict between red and blue garden dwarfs. One day representatives of opposing groups fall in love and have to face major obstacles to live this love. Animation directed by Kelly Asbury is not available on Netflix.

32. Insect Life (1998)

Flik, ​​an ant unhappy with the ant monotony, is the star of this insect adventure. One day, he accidentally destroys all gathered food to secure a pact with the locusts and this will pose a great danger to the entire colony.In search of help, Flik will leave for the city and return to the anthill with great news. Check out this title on Netflix.

33. Beauty and the Beast (1991)

A classic of Disney princesses, the animation of Beauty and the Beast chronicles the unlikely romance between a beautiful young woman and a cursed beast. The story has beautiful songs, a series of fun supporting characters and a villain who finds himself the king of the village where the movie is set. Bela, a fearless lead character with strong opinions, is sure to become your favorite princess. This version of the fairy tale cannot be accessed on Netflix.

34. Tarzan (1999)

Tarzan is a young man raised in the woods with the animals. His life will go a long turn when he saves Jane, a beautiful English girl, from an attack by a flock of baboons. This will enable him to learn human customs at a forest-based explorer camp where he will meet love with Jane. Animation movie can be watched on Netflix

35. The Adventures of Tadeo (2013)

Tadeo dreams of being an archaeologist to find great treasures. Your chance to fulfill this wish will be an expedition to Peru, to which he will depart upon being mistaken for a famous archaeologist. Your partner for this adventure will be Jeff, your pet dog. Spanish animation is not available on Netflix.

36. Downstream (2006)

Have you ever imagined that there could be a whole unknown universe in the sewers of your city? That's what it proposes For Downstream, the film that tells the story of a pet mouse that unwillingly descends into the New York sewer. This story has romance, family affection, friendships, and more! Get ready to be amazed by this DreamWorks Animation animation available on Netflix.

37. Curled Up (2010)

Curled Up tells the story of Rapunzel, a magical-haired young woman who lives on top of a tower in the woods. One day, a young fugitive will accidentally enter his hiding place, becoming his gateway to freedom. With the help of Flynn Rider, Rapunzel will set out on his dream of knowing the magic lanterns and, by accident, will discover the truth about his past. Watch on Netflix.

38. Moana (2017)

Following the same line as Frozen? A Freezing Adventure, Moana teaches that a princess doesn't need a prince to save her world. In partnership with the demigod Maui and a rooster named Heihei, Moana, the future chief of his tribe, will cross the ocean in search of gathering a mystical relic to the goddess Te Fiti. The bonus is the soundtrack, filled with beautiful songs for the family to sing along

39. Coraline and the Secret World (2009)

This terrifying animation features Coraline, a child who will discover a secret door to a universe similar to hers, but with a strange difference: the characters have buttons in place of their eyes. There, your dreams come true and your parents seem more loving. But soon she will find that what looks perfect has many flaws. Watch on Netflix.

40. Monica's Gang on an Adventure in Time (2007)

In 2007, the Lemon Tree neighborhood stormed the theaters to present an adventure in time. In the story, Monica, Smudge, Magali, Chives and Bidu travel through time in search of the four elements: water, earth, air and fire, lost in a mess in Franjinha's laboratory. The plot brings several new characters to the Monica's Gang universe, performing turns through space, prehistory, the forest with the Grasshopper and even the childhood of the main characters. This animated movie is not yet available on Netflix.

With so many options, you're sure to find the perfect movie to enjoy with your family. Prepare popcorn and set off home movie session!

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