43 Recipes For You To Make Homemade Yogurt Your Way

Few things go with breakfast so much as yogurt, even more with granola or fruit, right?

But the truth is that buying yogurt for the whole family to consume daily can be very expensive! In addition, the industrialized versions contain dyes, preservatives, among other ingredients that are not so health-friendly. Therefore, making homemade yogurt is the best option.

Although not many people believe, making yogurt at home is not as difficult as it seems? But, yes, it requires patience! But whoever does it always guarantees: it is very worth it!

In addition to being made without preservatives, you can use the ingredients you want, making versions of natural yogurt, Greek, frozen and even restrictive versions (for example, lactose free).

Get inspired by the recipes below and make your yogurt the way you like it!

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Natural Homemade Yogurt

1. Simple Homemade Yogurt: An easy recipe, just have patience to make. You will only use semi-skimmed milk and whole yogurt (firm consistency). The recipe yields about 10 portions of 95 calories.

2. Skim yogurt: A recipe that uses 0% fat skim milk, but to get a better consistency you can add whole milk powder. You will then use only skim milk, nonfat yogurt and whole milk powder.

3. Whole yogurt: A simple recipe, the difference is boiling the milk to the point of rising to the edge of the pan. Is yogurt delicious, firm in texture and very creamy? Best of all, it has no preservatives.

4. Yogurt with milk powder: the ideal yogurt recipe to combine with a good granola! To do so, you will use only whole milk, plain yogurt (no flavor, nothing, pure!) And milk powder.

5. Yogurt with plain yogurt and milk powder: Some people find it hard to know the right temperature to make yogurt, but this recipe has the tip? You should basically boil only 400 ml of milk ?. As soon as you bring it to a boil, you should turn off the heat and stir in the remaining milk (it must be at room temperature) plus a glass of natural yogurt (also at room temperature).

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6. Yogurt with Sour Cream: Good to know it's not a light recipe! But is it worth a try? It is the result of reducing a lot of thin milk into something wonderful, almost a pudding, almost a cheese.

7. Yogurt in Thermos: The tip is to use a metal thermos. When it comes to buying yogurt, look for an unflavored, unsweetened wholemeal. Read the label for ingredients and buy the one with the least amount of ingredients. Yogurt should be made basically of whole milk (if reconstituted is no problem) and milk yeast.

8. Yogurt with hydrated oats: Great tip for healthy eating. The oats, once hydrated, are soft and with a wonderful texture, great for regulating the functioning of the intestine, among other advantages.

9. Light Yogurt: Great choice to start your day healthier! To make this recipe, you will use only two liters of skim milk and a cup of plain skim yogurt.

Greek yogurt

10. Simple Greek Yogurt: Besides delicious, is it very easy to make? It only takes patience to wait to get ready. The yield is five cups of yogurt and you will only use milk and a cup of plain yogurt.

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11. Greek unsweetened yogurt: The first step is to prepare a basic yogurt recipe. Then it is necessary to remove part of the serum to make it more consistent and creamy. You will need a deep bowl-type container, a sieve and a clean, thin cotton washcloth.

12. Vanilla-scented Greek yogurt: Anyone who buys Greek yogurt in supermarkets knows that he doesn't pay much attention. Also, can you have unhealthy ingredients? The best option, then, is to make your own Greek yogurt very naturally and with the flavor you like best.

13. Greek Vanilla Bean Yogurt: A tasty, consistent and creamy yogurt, just like the one you can find in supermarkets (or even better). The method is the same as homemade yogurt, you can make as many liters as you want, mixing only a small cup of yogurt with the desired amount of milk.

14. Creamy Greek Yogurt: A homemade version that, besides being more affordable, is made naturally and is very creamy.You will only use whole milk, natural whole yogurt (room temperature), sweetener or sugar and drops of vanilla essence.

15. Greek yogurt with cream and sweetened condensed milk: The result is a sweet but overdone yogurt that is much creamier than ready-made and much cheaper. It is worth learning to do!

16. Greek fake yogurt: To make this delight you will need fresh grated coconut, refined sugar, water, fresh ginger (grated and squeezed), dried curds, natural unsweetened yogurt and honey.

17. Lactose-Free Greek Yogurt: The recipe is a natural Greek yogurt, so you can make it any flavor you want, you can add vanilla droplets, strawberry, peach or cocoa, and chocolate flavor.

Homemade Flavored Yoghurts

18. Strawberry yogurt with syrup and chunks: In addition to being a healthier and more economical option, preparing this strawberry yogurt is a great opportunity to have fun with the kids in the kitchen. Here's the tip for a tasty weekend!

19. Cranberry Yogurt: You'll basically mix homemade nonfat yogurt with fresh blackberries. You can sweeten with a little honey, brown or demerara sugar, or sweetener. You can also use frozen blackberries to make it cooler.

20. Coconut yogurt: An amazing vegan version of coconut yogurt. It is creamy, light and sour, not to mention that it is rich in bacteria that help the intestinal flora. Healthy, it is a great choice for breakfast or afternoon snack. Accompanied by homemade granola, even better!

21. Lemon and Coconut Yogurt: An Amazing Combination of Flavors? You will need skim milk, plain yogurt, lemon scent, grated coconut and sugar.

22. Plum syrup yogurt: To make yogurt, you will only use whole milk, plain yogurt and milk powder. Then just add the prune syrup and strawberry jam? For a delicious snack!

23. Lemon and Cinnamon Yogurt: A very tasty version of yogurt. You will only use skim milk, plain yogurt, milk powder, lemon, cinnamon, sugar and apple snacks.

24. Coffee Yogurt: A coffee fan will love this recipe. You will only use milk, plain yogurt, instant coffee and condensed milk. Good idea to cater for the family over a special weekend breakfast!

Restrictive yogurts

25. Lactose-free homemade yogurt: As well as being an extremely easy recipe, it is really functional because it even uses a probiotic sachet, which you can find in health food stores or pharmacies.

26. Soy yogurt: Simple and easy to make, this yogurt is tasty, cheaper and still has the advantage that you can make it taste the way you want, using creativity (so the risk of taste sickness is much lower).

27. Macadamia yogurt: A lactose-free vegetable recipe. Easy to make, you will only need macadamias, filtered water, lemon and xanthan gum (which gives the texture of yogurt but not essential).

28. Almond Yogurt: A tasty vegan yogurt with the creaminess of Greek yogurt. A simple recipe to make and you don't even need yogurt for that.

29. Yam milk yogurt: A vegan and soy-free recipe. It is also gluten free, sugar free and lactose free. Yogurt has a creamy texture and you can serve it with, for example, 100% blackberry jam.

30. Strawberry vegan tapioca yogurt: It is very tasty and looks like the original strawberry yogurt. You will use homemade coconut milk (or another vegetable option), strawberries, tapioca gum, lemon, sugar and a pinch of salt.

31. Strawberry Vegan Yogurt with Tofu: Is it a "Danoninho"? nutritious, without colorings and preservatives. Good choice to be served for breakfast or a snack before bed! Even the kids will love it!

32. Lactose-Free Coconut Yogurt: A vegan, lactose-free recipe in which you will use only homemade coconut milk, agar, sweetener, and lemon. A simple recipe that yields well!

Homemade Frozen Yogurt

33. Frozen natural yogurt: A delicious option especially on warmer days. You can make this natural version or add some taste of your own, including fruit. On top, the tip is to put a little ginger sugar.

34. Frozen natural yogurt with lemon zest: This recipe yields about four portions. You will use only plain yogurt, sugar, whey cream and lemon zest. The tip is to consume pure, because it is very tasty, or with some syrup.

35. Frozen Peach Yogurt: A healthy, refreshing dessert with a natural fruit flavor. A great alternative to replacing traditional ice cream, which is full of harmful ingredients. You will only need natural Greek yogurt, peaches, lemon and honey.

36Frozen Strawberry Yogurt: Great substitute for ice cream, both in taste and texture. You will only need plain yogurt, fresh cream, strawberries and sugar.

37. Raspberry Frozen Yogurt: Perfect recipe for an afternoon snack or a healthy weekend dessert. The detail is that you can use the fruits of your choice.

38. Frozen Papaya Yogurt: A refreshing and easy frozen light recipe. You will basically use plain natural yogurt, papaya, whole milk, lemon juice, sugar or sweetener.

39. Frozen mango and banana yogurt: a supernatural recipe that is very easy to make? Just use yogurt and fruit with striking flavor. So easy to do you will always want to prepare!

40. Frozen black fruit yogurt: For a refreshing and delicious dessert. You will need blackberries, mirtillos, clear organic sugar, filtered water, fresh cream, organic egg and natural whole yogurt.

41. Frozen strawberry and rose water yogurt: good for hot days as it is very refreshing. You will need strawberries, crystal sugar, lemon, rose water, curd (firm) and whole yogurt (firm).

42. Frozen Peruvian Maca Yogurt: The recipe yields three portions and you will use only sour cream, Peruvian maca, plain yogurt and plain organic sugar.

43. Frozen Lemon Yogurt: Convenient to prepare and you can even replace ingredients and make it into a lighter version. It can be eaten pure or accompanied by good jelly!

In natural or flavored versions, healthy or more enhanced, homemade yogurt is always a great choice for a special breakfast or afternoon snack. Besides having the advantage of being made with the ingredients you like best, it does not take preservatives and comes out much more affordable!

How to Make Yogurt at Home | Homemade Yogurt Recipe (June 2023)

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