5 Myths About Seniors

Much is said about the third Age and even more speculation about her. However, among so many statements about a stage that is yet to come for many women, it is difficult to separate what is true from what is only myth about the elderly.

So we select the main myths about this time of life and debunk what isn't true about it, check it out.

Myth 1: Women fear old age

Although it seems that many women suffer from the thought of reaching old age, in fact most see it as a challenge and a new opportunity for change.

The biggest fear in reality is the signs of aging, but they are already known to be controlled with health care and food.

Myth 2: Getting old is a depressing process.

Experts say that older people can live a very happy, active and healthy life? just want and not fear this phase. Staying well fed and exercising as well as maintaining regular social activities helps to combat the less lively moments of old age and can be a great ally to quality of life.

Studies show that older people suffering from depression are more prone to illness and death, so even the subtlest signs of depression must be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible so that seniors are much more pleasant and lasting.

Myth 3: There is no sex in old age

One research proves that the quality of sex life depends much more on the health of individuals than on their ages. Women with poor health reported having a much less active sex life, while healthy women reported having more regular sex? according to the data from this study.

However, regardless of age, it is essential to prevent sexually transmitted diseases by using condoms.

Myth # 4: If you didn't work out when you were young, it's no use starting in old age

This is a myth. Of course, the sooner you start physical activity, the better. But that doesn't mean that if you start in old age it won't do you any good.

It is very important to exercise, even in old age and even if you have not done any physical activity before this stage of life. Staying physically active also helps keep you healthy and looking more beautiful and youthful. So no excuses. Better to start in old age than never to start.

Myth 5: Pains are inevitable in old age

To think that every person in old age suffers from pain, especially those caused by arthritis, is a myth. Much can be done during adulthood to prevent such pain in the future.

Some of the precautions you can take to prevent future pain include losing weight, wearing comfortable clothing, wearing anatomically numbered footwear, and not overdoing your knee and other joints.

Studies also reveal that women who exercise are less likely to have arthritis in old ageTherefore, exercising regularly is essential.

Five Myths of Seniors Marketing (April 2021)

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