5 Signs He Is Not In The Way To Marry

Getting married is still a dream for many women. And when the partner is not in the mood to compromise, the situation gets more complicated. So you don't fall into a trap, check out the top five signs that he doesn't want to marry and run away from tangled relationships.

1 ? They are engaged, but no wedding date

One of the easiest ways for a man who doesn't want to marry to keep his mate calm about this is to agree to get engaged but to set the wedding date later.

This saves time and the engagement goes on and on until he wants to get married. If you are in this situation try to set the wedding date and if you find that it is creating a lot of obstacles it may be time to reevaluate this relationship.

2 ? Do you live begging for marriage

Before marrying you was a dream, but your partner's reluctance eventually got you used to beg for marriage.

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If you have reached this point, you need to stop and reflect on how things are going. It's just you wanting to get married and he doesn't want it at all? Maybe you should give up on the idea or look for another partner.

3? Is he waiting for the right time?

Facts show that many people get married even in the worst conditions, even after accidents, so the excuse of? right time? falls to the ground. Who really wants to get married finds a way and proposes to make it happen. But if he really doesn't want it, even the weather forecast of the day can be a hindrance to marking your date of joining.

Keep an eye out for find out if he really wants to marry or is taking you in a water bath with the promise that at the right time he will want to get married.

4? He suggests that they live together first

This idea of ​​living together before making the union official can be a big pitfall. Can it become a? Test? many, many years and marriage can never end up happening.

If it's to live together, why not get married soon, isn't it? If he really wants to marry, he won't need a test to see if he can be a husband and wife.

5? Postponed wedding date

You set up the marriage, but his brother goes broke and he needs help, so he asks postpone the wedding date. Situations like this are more common than you might think and this ends in a snowball of postponements for a wedding that will probably never happen.

If this is your case, try to see if he is not looking for any excuse to reschedule the date and see if the impediments are really valid. Otherwise, it may be time to move on with another relationship.

These situations listed above are quite common and you should keep an eye out if you are in one of them. However, the fact that you fit into one of the situations does not guarantee that your partner does not really want to get married, so you need to look at the situation carefully and without making superficial judgments.

It is also important to be aware that the dream of getting married may just be yours. So talk to your boyfriend about it and decide together what should be done.

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5 Signs He's Not Going to Marry You (April 2021)

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