5 smart beauty tricks with the spoon

Who would have thought that the spoon, a utensil that is already so useful in the kitchen, could also help when it comes to makeup? There are a few beauty tricks that use a spoon and it may make time for applying make-up much easier and practical.

Some classic problems when applying make up products can be easily fixed with a spoon. For example, do you know when mascara makes your eyelashes full of bubbles and blurs your eyelids just as you finish applying and blinking? This is one of the situations that can end spoon use.

Instead of makeup artist tips, it was girls who love makeup and naturally specialized in the subject who discovered these tricks. By passing products frequently, they observed the problems and came up with creative solutions for them.

Check out some of the possible uses of the spoon in beauty:

1. Outlined

The spoon can end the hassles of making outlined kitten style. Place the lower end of the spoon in the outer corner of the eye, forming a line toward the eyebrow. Just pass the eyeliner very close to this line and complete the outline of the eyes later.

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2. Apply mascara without smudging

To prevent mascara from accumulating on your eyelashes (leaving little balls, for example) and eventually smearing your eyelids, place a spoon above the eyelash line when applying the mask. All the excess is in the spoon and the make is perfect.

3. Decrease dark circles

To ease tiredness and puffy eyes upon waking, put two spoons in the fridge before bed. In the morning, pick up the spoons and pass the backs of them in the dark circles from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eyes. Scoop ice cream helps to remove the dark, purple appearance of dark circles, and making this move helps drain the accumulated fluid from the bags under the eyes.

3. Leave the curved eyelashes

In the absence of a curvex, the spoon can also help to make the eyelashes a little higher. Press them against the front of the spoon and hold them with your thumb for a few seconds. Complete the look with mascara. The result is a much more expressive look.

4. Minimize the appearance of thin lines

Before applying makeup, put a spoon in the fridge. Expect to freeze, and with the back, make straight movements on the forehead, the outer corner of the eyes, the cheeks, and areas where you have apparent thin lines. This will make their appearance much smoother. When applying the foundation, it will not crack and will not further mark the fine lines.

5. Make your own lipstick color

You can mix two colors of lipstick and make your own custom tone! Cut two small pieces of the lipsticks you want to mix and place them on the spoon. Take a lighter and heat the back of the spoon (as if it were a pan in the fire).

The lipsticks will melt, and you can mix them with a toothpick. When the mixture is ready, place it in a contact lens case or small compartment. Allow it to cool and your new lipstick is ready to apply (with your fingers or a brush.

With these little spoon beauty secrets, the makeup routine has everything to make it much easier and more fun!

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