5-Step Beauty Bath

The most relaxing moment of the day is for sure the bath time. A few minutes under the shower can have a refreshing function for body and mind, leaving stress and tiredness aside. But beyond a basic need for hygiene, daily bathing can become much more pleasurable if turned into a real beauty bath with oils, creams and essences.

To turn your home into a spa and make your skin much more beautiful and hydrated, follow our tips on how to prepare a beauty bath in 5 steps.

1. Preparation of the environment

The preparation of the environment is very important for the bath to be pleasant and very relaxing. For the mood to be harmonious, select your favorite songs, preferably the quiet ones, light candles or aromatic incense with stimulating fragrances such as citrus that soften the tension, and if possible, control the lighting. To start your beauty bathTurn on the shower and control the water temperature, letting the steam spread through the bathroom. If you have a bathtub at home, take the time to prepare the bath salt water of your choice.

2. Time to relax

Turn on the music and get under the shower or bath, trying to feel the water fall on your body. Two minutes is essential to start feeling the first signs of relaxation.

3. Hair Care

Start your session homemade spa Applying the ideal shampoo to your hair type and then rinse the strands well. Replace the conditioner with a moisturizing cream and have a gentle hair massage using your fingertips. Let the product act on the wires within the package time. To avoid wasting a lot of water, the time with the mask on the wires is ideal to apply the fourth step of the beauty bath.

4. Body and Face Care

The feet, hands and body should be massaged with moisturizing soaps, bath oils, and exfoliating creams with vegetable dowels to remove dead cells, activate circulation, and moisturize the body. The face needs special care. Apply skin-specific exfoliating facial cream to your skin and make gentle, circular motions to remove blackheads and renew facial cells.

5. Final Session

After massaging, exfoliating and moisturizing the body and hair, it is time to remove the hair mask and all body foam. To activate circulation and give your body more energy, the tip is to end with a shower of cold water, unless it is very cold.

Rinse the whole body and then dry yourself lightly just by wrapping the towel over the body. As the skin has received exfoliation treatments, it is very sensitive and rubbing the towel can harm removing its natural protection. To finish your beauty bath at homeWith clean, yet damp skin, apply a moisturizing cream all over the body by gently massaging and a leave-in cream on the hair, but only on the ends of the strands.

5 Step Spa Bathroom (Bathroom Decor) (April 2021)

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