5 Things That Can Ruin Your Gym Workout

Working out and getting good results is not as easy as it sounds. Killing yourself from exercising at the gym is not a guarantee of quick calorie burning let alone that you will have a beautiful and healthy body.

For make the most of your workout at the gym It is important to get rid of some habits that can set off your workout and have the opposite effect of what you expect. So we list the 5 saboteurs of your training and teach you how to solve these deadlocks in a practical way, check below.

1 ? Your workout is increasing your appetite too much

The problem: One of the? Side effects? The problem with training is that usually trainers have more appetite and still get into the habit of thinking that once I've burned the calories, they can devour their favorite candy.

However, this may be totally disabling your workout, causing you to increase calories rather than decrease. For example, on average, you burn about 500 calories when you run for 45 minutes, but unfortunately desserts usually have more than 1000 calories.

How to solve it: Consult your dietitian and professional who follows your workout at the gym to do a workout that keeps pace with your diet. So that you can work out and burn the calories you eat healthily.

2 ? Your workout makes you too tired

The problem: Working out excessively can do more harm than good to your body and health. As well as leaving you completely useless for the rest of the day, can it affect your immune system, weaken you, make you want to eat sweets and cause insomnia? factors that can lead to weight gain.

How to solve it: Set up a session with a personal trainer so that he or she develops an exercise plan that is challenging but not exhausting.

3? Your workout burns fewer calories than it should

The problem: Some methods of knowing how many calories you burn with a particular exercise or machine are not always reliable. In general, they use a frame, and for example, if you are out of frame weight, exercise will not burn you the calories you believe you will.

How to solve it: Prefer methods involving distance to know how many calories you will lose. For example, walking 5km can burn up to 400 calories. Either way it is essential to consult your personal trainer and nutritionist for more accurate calculations.

4? Your workout is not varied enough

The problem: If you always do the same series of exercises you may be failing to work other muscles and losing fewer calories than you could be. Varying the types of exercises is essential and is very good for anyone who wants to have a defined body and burn calories in a healthy way.

How to solve it: Make an exercise plan that balances cardio, strength, flexibility and core modalities. Try to vary the types of exercises a lot.

5? Your training is no longer a challenge

The problem: If you are doing the same workouts with the same intensity and challenges from your beginning in the gym, it may be that this series is no longer burning so many calories. As exercise becomes easier, the body consumes fewer calories during its exercise.

How to solve it: It is important to increase the weights gradually and according to their potential and limits. It is also essential to vary the intensity and endurance of the exercises to further challenge your body, thus burning more calories and having a more beneficial workout.

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