5 Tips To Avoid Relationship Fights

THE living together There are happy times and a lot of romanticism, but there are times when not everything is flowers. And there is only one reason, however small, to start a discussion of those. At fights between couples are normal, can happen to any couple. But the best thing is to avoid these fights whenever possible.

Learn now 5 tips to avoid fights in the relationship.

1 ? Keep calm and think before you speak

When nervousness takes over, it is difficult to maintain control. And then talking about everything that comes to mind without thinking about the consequences, including some insults, can generate unnecessary wear. So be careful not to talk and do things you might regret. As impossible as this may seem, keep calm and think carefully before you say anything.

2 ? No comparisons

In addition to misuse of words, another very common mistake that can end in a fight is to compare your partner with others. And the problem gets even bigger if the comparison is with the former. If you don't like this or that feature of your mate, if any attitude bothers you, don't make comparisons. It is best to try to talk peacefully. After all, we all have defects.

3? You must have a waist set

To live in peace and avoid fights, whether in dating or marriage, having waist play is essential. This means you must speak your mind, but you must also listen and respect your partner's point of view.

4? Someone has to give in

Many fights in the relationship They could also be circumvented if their wills were shared. The will of one or the other should not prevail every time, someone will always have to give in. Trying to force, enforce things turns the relationship into a tug-of-war dispute. and in the end both are overcome by tiredness, nobody gets the better.

5? Common sense is always an ally

Each relationship has its problems in particular, but in all cases common sense is always an ally to avoid conflict. When problems arise, don't be afraid to expose how you feel at that moment and how you would like the situation to be resolved. Consider the possibilities, the best way to remedy the situation and try to reach a decision by mutual agreement.

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