5 Ways to Have a Healthier Morning Routine

Although the rush of everyday life does not allow more time for personal care, you need to have some attitudes so that you can have a healthier morning routine.

Eating well, exercising, and having fun on the agenda are key to boosting self-esteem and ensuring a healthier life. Therefore, nutritionist Paula Tevesco brings some tips. Check out!

Sleep well

Having a peaceful and invigorating sleep is essential for the next day to be productive. "Sleeping at least eight hours a day is crucial for anyone to feel better and more disposed of the next day," Paula explains.

Healthy eating

Eating properly and including legumes, vegetables and protein in meals are necessary for everyday life. "Eating well and having meals at intervals of at least three times a day are key to having energy and a healthy body," says the nutritionist.

Practice physical exercises

Although time is short in the morning, try to get up at least two hours before your usual time and get some exercise. Having a morning routine with exercise is ideal for increasing your mood. This practice together with healthy eating contributes to health and prevents future problems ?, comments Paula.


Trying to have a quieter routine is important to health. Living in a bustling city and undergoing daily stress is common these days. But you have to look for an escape and for that, doing what you like is fundamental to forget the daily problems ?, suggests the nutritionist.

According to the nutritionist, these items are fundamental to having a healthier morning routine. But taking preventive checkups and seeking medical attention is extremely necessary for a quality life. Regardless of gender, it is recommended that everyone take assessment tests at least once a year. Knowing how to control the body's rates is the main factor for a healthier life and if they are changed, the professional can better guide the reduction of the problem ?, explains Paula Tevesco.

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