54 beauty tips that will make your life easier

It is normal to have something unforeseen when producing and missing a product, or even the budget is too low to spend on beauty products. In such cases, a great solution is to bet on gambiarras.

Some things you have at home can be used for aesthetic purposes in a way you don't even realize and adapting these products with different and unusual uses can make your life a lot easier.

With that in mind, here is a complete list of helpful tips for a variety of beauty purposes, from makeshift make-ups to unusual hair styling techniques.

Learn from the list tricksters that even without having the specific product you need, you can get ready the way you want using your creativity and these practical ideas.

1. Shadow to outline: In a small container with water, add the powder shadow (if it is compact just scrape it with the handle of a spoon) and mix with a brush, preferably beveled. The intensity of the color depends on how much dust will be added. Use the same brush to outline.

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2. Metallic / Matte Lipstick Eye Shadow: apply the lipstick and then apply the shadow with the desired effect, tapping the lips with the finger, it is ideal that the application is reinforced in the center of the lips.

3. Half donut for baking: untie the end of the sock and roll it up to shape the donut. If the sock is a very different color from your hair color, you can cover it with a brown or black sock.

4. Eyelashes curved by a spoon: use a dessert spoon, place the eyelashes between your big toe and the spoon and go through all the eyelashes with the tip of the spoon, always pressing. It's the same move we make to wrap gift ribbons with scissors.

5. Saliva Corrected Makeup: In a hurry, it is common to smudge the mascara or eyeliner, in which case you can wet a cotton swab in saliva to remove the smudge. This is a great tactic for spot corrections.

6. Concealer like nude lipstick: first moisturize your lips with cocoa butter or lip balm, then apply the concealer with a brush or tapping your fingers.

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7. Ice to hold skin oils: A great solution to lessening skin oils when you will need to be makeup for a long time is to prepare the skin using ice stones wrapped in a plastic or thin cloth. Pass slowly, as if stroking the skin. This tip can have the effect of a primer.

8. Hair Oil Powder: If you have an event and don't have time to wash your hair, simply put talcum in the root, wait about a minute for the talc to absorb the grease and then massage the scalp and then comb the hair so that no visible remnants of the hair are visible. baby powder.

9. Brunette legs with bronzer: If you don't have a pantyhose spray, you can mix some bronzer or highlighter, provided they are powdered, with the skin moisturizer. Mix until you reach the desired tone and then apply on the legs.

10. Compact Eyelash Enhancing Powder: To give the eyelashes more volume, apply the first layer of mascara, then brush the compact or translucent powder with a brush and apply another layer of mascara. Repeat the process until you reach the desired result.

11. Lipstick Powder: To increase the durability of the lipstick, apply the first layer of lipstick, apply face or translucent powder with a brush and apply another layer of lipstick.

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12. Liquid to recover dry mascara: If your favorite mascara has not been properly closed and dried, apply drops of saline or contact lens solution to recover it. Apply in drops until you reach the desired consistency.

13. Heated Curvex to enhance curvature: heat the curvex with a hair dryer, before using temperature test with your fingers to avoid the risk of burning, then press the eyelashes with the accessory.

14. Easy moisturizer to match base tone: If your base tone is wrong and it is darker than your skin tone, mix it with a facial moisturizer to soften the color so that it is less thick and less dark.

15. Bepantol Solution for Shiny Hair: Add Bepantol solution to the conditioner using the measurement on the lid of the product itself. Add 2 lids to the product and stir until the mixture is uniform.

16. Diluted shampoo for lighter hair: In the bath, put the shampoo in your hand and add a little water and mix.It is an alternative to make the shampoo thicker and more easily spread through the scalp, while leaving hair lighter and free of product residue.

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17. Spoon not to smudge makeup: While applying mascara, supporting the eyelashes on the handle of a coffee spoon while applying the product is a great way to prevent unwanted smudges.

18. Heated pencil for a better result: If your eyeliner or mouthpiece is dry, use a lighter or matchstick to heat the tip of the pencil. It will look softer and pigmented.

19. Lip Moisturizer for Lower Lipstick Intensity: Apply a little moisturizer on the back of the hand and blend with the desired lipstick, can be with the hands or using a brush, mix both and apply on the lips. It is a great method for adapting your favorite lipstick, softening the color or giving a glossy effect.

20. Paste crepe tape to help outlining: If you have difficulty hitting the outlined kitten, glue a masking tape to the desired angle of the eye to ensure that the strokes are even and straight.

21. Toothbrush for Soft Lips: Apply a lip balm and using a toothbrush and? brush? the lips slightly exfoliating until they are smooth. It is a great preparation before using opaque lipsticks, which highlight dry lips.

22. Adhesive nail polish bandages: Cut out the adhesive part of the bandages, glue over the nail and then apply the desired enamel on the holes to have the effect, use a base to finish.

23. Hydrogen peroxide for whitening nails: mix 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide, 4 tablespoons of baking soda and half a cup of hot water. Soak your nails for 1 minute, if it does not achieve the expected effect, repeat the process.

24. Intimate Soap for Clean Brushes: If you don't have your own solution for cleaning makeup brushes, use intimate soap and rinse well. Unlike a normal soap, the pH of the intimate soap is lower, which prevents brush hair from drying out.

25. Toothbrush to control frizz: apply fixative spray to a toothbrush and comb the strands you want to control, it's a great way to achieve a more natural effect of containing the creepy strands without having to apply the product to your entire hair.

26. Children's shampoo for make-up remover: If you have no make-up remover, use a children's shampoo (to prevent burning eyes) to remove makeup from the face, especially from the eye areas. Dilute the product in water and use it with a cotton swab or cotton swab.

27. Outlined with the curvex: Make a stroke using an eyeliner on the edge of the curvex, the part that touches the base of the eyelashes, then press the curvex against the skin. The curvex's function is to act as a stamp, so you do the outline and curve the eyelashes simultaneously.

28. Warm mascara between breasts: While applying make-up, place the mascara between your breasts so that it masks and is more liquid in consistency when it comes time to apply. It sounds weird, but it works.

29. White lip enhancing pencil: Apply white or nude pencil to the center of the lips before applying the lipstick to make it appear fuller. This trick causes a gradient effect on the lips, which gives the impression of greater volume because the lipstick is lighter in the center of the mouth.

30. Corn starch for opaque enamels: In a container mix a reasonable amount of nail base with a pinch of cornstarch and 3 pinches of talcum powder, mix everything until uniform. Apply to nails after applying the desired color nail polish to give an opaque effect.

31. Shade for bulkier hair: Many people worry when the amount of hair is so low that the scalp becomes apparent. In this case, sprinkle shade of the shade of your hair on the scalp using a brush. This trick will give a greater scalp fill effect.

32. Curling iron: separate a lock, put 2 or 3 fingers and wrap the lock of hair in the fingers, remove the finger and put the curled hair between the flat iron, it is better to first put a part and then slowly pushing the hair into the flat iron to avoid get burned.

33. Socks for curls: First divide the hair in half. Wear a thin 3/4 sock or cut the leg of a pantyhose. Go across the forehead and tie behind the head. Separate the hair into strands and pass the first twisted strand through the sock, which remains, unite with a new strand and repeat the process. In the last strand on each side, wrap it all in the sock until the hair is gone. The process can be done before bed, ensuring the effect for the next day.

34. Separate Eyelash Toothbrush: If mascara is applied, the product will accumulate and the lashes will stick together, use a very dry toothbrush to separate the strands that have become attached. It is ideal that the process be done when the mascara is already dry.

35. Toothbrush for applying gloss: If your mascara comes in a tube that has no applicator, you can adapt it using a toothbrush to apply the product. Thus it is uniform and without buildup.

36. Hot water to recover nail polish: Put the dried-up enamel glass into a container of hot water for one minute, repeat the process until the desired result is achieved.

37. Bun to Curl Hair: Before bed, with slightly damp hair, twist the entire length of the hair to the ends. Make a bun and fasten it with a elastic band made of half-thin, which is the best not to mark the hair. When you wake up the next day, you will have beautifully curly hair.

38. Smoky Eye Pencil: Make a close stroke to the eyelashes with a pencil and black eye. Then smear with a brush that has a sponge on the tip or even using flexible cotton-tipped stems.

39. Children's dark circles ointment: If you suffer from dark circles, apply diaper rash ointment to the area before bed. When you wake up, use an astringent and wash your face with plenty of water.

40. Olive oil as a make-up remover: Use a cotton pad soaked in olive oil to remove makeup, the product is excellent for removing makeup from the eye area and also moisturizes the skin that normally dries out with the use of makeup.

41. Wet wipe as make-up remover: The wet wipe can go beyond child use and can be used as a makeup remover. Pass all over the face, paying attention to the eye area.

42. Hair Removal Conditioner: sometimes we steal some? masculine? in beauty processes but in the absence of a shaving foam you can use the conditioner. Apply the product to the region before using the razor blade. The biggest benefit of this practice is that the blade slides more easily through the skin, avoiding cuts.

43. Alcohol to repair compact powder: If your (compact) powder or shade breaks, finish breaking the product using a spoon. Add ordinary alcohol gradually, modeling and pressing with the help of the spoon. Finish by pressing with a paper towel to remove moisture, repeat as often as necessary to dry as much as possible. Leave the product open for one night to finish drying and you're done!

44. Fire to fix broken lipstick: To redo broken lipsticks, heat with a lighter or match the pieces that should be joined, join them and go modeling. When in the desired shape, refrigerate for 30 minutes to fix.

45. Hairpin with hairpins: use a rubber band and attach a clip to each end, attach a clip to the hair that is ready to be attached, loop the hair with the elastic, and finish by securing the other clip near where the first one was attached. This is a great tactic to prevent wire breakage.

46. ​​Sugar to exfoliate hands: In the palm of the hand put a spoon of sugar and half a spoon of olive oil, rub all the hand. Between the fingers and also the back. When finished, wash your hands with soap and be assured that your hands are smooth.

47. Cocoa Butter for a New Lipstick: With a spoon, scrape the eyeshadow of the chosen color. Store in the container you wish to store the lipstick. Place all chopped cocoa butter in a spoon and heat with a candle until completely melted. Then put the melted product in the container where the shadow is. Mix well quickly before drying and enjoy your new lipstick.

48. Cornstarch to prevent diaper rash: When wearing a skirt in the heat, the legs come in contact with each other and it is common for the region to present diaper rash. To prevent this discomfort, use cornstarch in the area before leaving home.

49. Cold water to dry enamel: When the nail polish is damp and you cannot wait for it to dry completely, put your hands in a cold water container and let it stand for 3 minutes. If the result is not as desired, repeat the process.

50. Wear eyebrow shadow: To hide the imperfections of the eyebrow and outline it, use a gray-brown shade with the aid of a thin straight brush. The color and texture are ideal for this function.

51. Cold scoop to soften dark circles: Put a spoon in the freezer for at least 10 minutes. Remove from freezer and press on dark circles areas for 30 seconds. The technique helps to disintegrate the region.

52. Apple Cider Vinegar for Shiny Hair: wash your hair normally and rinse it with apple cider vinegar. This tip promises silky and shiny hair.

53. Mouthwash for soft feet: In a bowl of water mix half a cup of white vinegar with half a cup of mouthwash, soak the feet for 20 minutes. Then wash properly and your feet will be soft and less likely to crack.

54. Spoon to remove pimples: When you urgently need perfect skin and have a pimple, put a spoon in a container with hot water and leave it for 30 seconds, then place over the pimple region. But be sure to check the spoon temperature first. This process will help pull the pus to the surface of the skin and remove it.


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