6 1-minute workouts to improve your body

The time is very short when you have some obligations to follow on a daily basis and often this ends up preventing you from having your time devoted to exercise. What some women don't know is that you don't have to save a lot of time each day to keep your body in shape or do physical activities.

You can work out at home even in a short time without interfering with your busy schedule. Done correctly and daily, the results are quite satisfactory. So take a few minutes for yourself and dedicate yourself to a healthy life. Put on your gym clothes, set your timer apart and start practicing the 6 1-minute workouts to improve your body.

1- Stretching

Begin the exercises by stretching and strengthening the muscle fibers of the body. O stretching It is essential before any activity as it releases collagen, the elastic substance that helps keep skin firmer and more beautiful for longer. Lengthen your legs, arms, and torso slightly to avoid injury.

With one leg at the back and one at the front, bend your body slightly so that one hand reaches to your toes and extends the entire body.

2- Jumping

O jumper It is a type of long-term, low-intensity aerobic exercise. The movement is excellent for losing belly and it fits perfectly into activities to improve the body. On a flat surface, stand with your body stretched correctly, your arms should be parallel to your body, perpendicular to the ground, and never bent.

To kick off the jumping exercise, bend your knees and extend them quickly for more momentum. The "open and close" movement Should your legs be in sync with your arms? raising and lowering? above the head. As the movement is made, gravity will accelerate, but you need to control the speed so you don't overdo it. Do the exercise in 1 minute, 2-5 sets resting 30 seconds between each.

3- Crunch

O crunch It is a movement similar to the abdominal. Position yourself on your back with your body straight. The legs should be flexed with the toes flat on the floor and the hands in line with the ears. Flex your torso until your shoulders are off the floor and return slightly. Do as much contraction as you can by emptying the air from your abs. Perform 30 repetitions or as many as you can handle in 1 minute.

4- Reverse Crunch

As the name implies, it is the reverse version of the crunch exercise. Lying on your back, be sure to touch your lower back to the floor. To support yourself and balance, support both hands on the floor and slightly bend your knees and pull your legs so that your body forms an "L". Bend the abdomen and bend to the hips slowly toward the breasts.
Hold your breath for 3 seconds and let it go down slightly. Perform 30 repetitions or as many as you can handle in 1 minute.

5- Board 4 supports

THE board 4 supports It can also fit the drums of exercises done in a short time. Lie on your stomach and rest your elbows and toes on the floor. Then raise the trunk until it is fully aligned. You must have enough concentration to be able to balance without the knees on a flat surface. Remember that the force applied to contraction of the abdomen makes all the difference in movement.

6- Resistance elastic

The resistance elastics They are ideal for those who want to exercise, but don't have time to go to the gym. The gym accessory can be used even at home and simple movements make all the difference in exercise. The elastic exercises work the muscles of the chest, back and strengthen the hip.

To work the chest: The elastic should lie flat on a chair, ladder, or any other firm place where the object is still and level toward your chest. Hold the ends of the elastic below your arm and keep the elastic loose. Then raise both arms by bending the elbows at a 90 degree angle. Pay close attention as the forearms need to be parallel to the floor. Go back to the starting position and repeat the movement.

Hip Strengthening: With the body stretched correctly, the legs should be extended and shoulder-width apart. With the elastic band around your right foot, step on it with your left foot and grasp the strap at the other end with your right hand resting on your hip. Do this by moving your right leg back, stretching the elastic and always contracting your buttock. Reverse the side of the elastic and repeat seriously with the left leg.Do up to 20 repetitions for each leg.

To work your back: The back compression exercise primarily works the upper back muscles and then the shoulders and arms. To begin the exercise, sit on the floor with your legs forward. Place the middle of the elastic on the soles of your feet and hold each end of the object so that it is straight when upright. Make movements by pulling your elbows back so that they are always close to your body, but flex the back muscles. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise.

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