6 tips for a faster and more practical morning routine

Every day is that same problem: waking up, getting up, getting ready, eating, leaving home. THE woman's morning routine It is often packed with activities that do not always fit the length of time it has to perform them. Here we offer tips for getting you organized and making the most of the precious free minutes you have in your mornings.

1 ? Plan what you will do step by step. So that you avoid that morning rush of not knowing where you have to go, what you have to take, what you should do, plan your day the night before. Make a list of everything you will do and, if possible, already arrange the activities in an order that suits you, for example: sort the places you have to go considering the route you will have to go to each one? This way you avoid having to go somewhere, then go somewhere else and get back to where you once were. This list is also useful so you don't forget anything to do. Use it on the day and cross out what you have already done.

2 ? Choose the outfit you will wear tomorrow. One of the things that takes the most time to get ready to go out is choosing clothes. If it is during PMS then multiply the time spent on it three times and add a woman crying after dressing. To spare the drama in the morning and save time, the night before do the painstaking work of deciding what to wear. Be disciplined and don't change your look when you go out? Only do this if the weather changes (rain or cold, for example).

3? Leave beauty products separate. Another part of the routine that also spends a lot of the precious time we have in the morning is the beauty routine. Choose in advance the products you will use and leave them organized. Separate and leave in the bag those you will need to take with you. This way you will spend less time on beauty, because everything is already within reach.

4? Leave your bag organized with what you need. Who never spent half an hour looking for a document just in time to leave home was very nervous because they couldn't find it and were late already? This is very common and can happen to anyone who does not get organized beforehand. Leave everything you need organized in your bag? important documents, addresses, a list of what to do and what else is needed for that day.

5? Prepare your meals in advance. Getting your food ready (until breakfast) is a good time saver. This is especially true for women with children who need to send their stuffed lunchbox and who need to feed the kids well before leaving home.

6? Be sure to wake up just in time to leave. Sleeping a few more minutes is always good and tasty, but be careful not to be late and have to run home. Rushing out is the ideal formula for forgetting to do something or taking something and probably at some point in the day you will regret not doing things calmly before leaving. So wake up with enough time to get ready and do what you have to do in a timely manner.

Tailor the tips to your style and need and put them into action to enjoy the benefits that a more organized life can bring you.

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