6 tips for getting a job promotion

For get a job promotionIt is not enough just to arrive on time and do your tasks perfectly, on time. Being reminded by the boss when a new job opens in the company, as the ideal person to take on a new challenge, also depends on other factors. Some everyday attitudes can help you achieve your longed for promotion. check out 6 tips for getting a job promotion.

1. Show your superior that you want a promotion. Most people believe that this means overworking and that promotion ends up being a consequence. There are other ways to make your desire for change clear, one of them is not to become a accommodating person, even if you get compliments. Be a professional always open to change and make your work appear. Give suggestions, come up with solutions for your industry and the company.

2. The way you present yourself at work, including the way you dress, can influence. Avoid wearing more casual outfits, belly-outs, over-the-neckline, tight or short clothing, or even thinking. When in doubt, always choose the most sober and discreet look possible, the work environment calls for more elegant clothes. Be very careful with the makeup. Go to work on? Face washed? It's not cool, but showing up with over-makeup is worse. Use in light colors, do a basic makeup.

3. Be careful not to mix personal problems with professionals. This can happen, it's even normal. But avoid making it a constant and if any serious issues are interfering with work, it is best to report to your superior, making it clear that the problem exists, but that your job is much more important and you will do everything to prevent it from interfering. in its performance.

4. Be a helpful person, show that you are willing to help co-workers and respond to the boss's requests. But it is also important to know how to impose limits, it values ​​your work.

5. Causing confusion or a bad workplace climate is definitely not a good idea. The ideal is always to act with common sense, without caring too much about the opinion of others. It is important to know how to listen to criticism, after all, they help to make a self-assessment and show which points need to be refined in our personality. Learn to listen to the opinions of others, but also impose and defend your ideas.

6. Continue to learn. Always looking for new knowledge is essential for anyone who wants advance career. Take courses, learn foreign languages, attend seminars, lectures. Invest in yourself and your potential.

How to Get a Promotion (April 2021)

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