7 Common Makeup Questions

Many women still have some makeup questions which appear to be simple but can nevertheless compromise the end result of the look. These are small confusions of which product to apply first, what it is for, what is the right way to apply it, and so on. In order to get rid of these doubts once and for all, in the production without error, we clarify 7 Common Makeup Questions. Check out:

1 ? What comes before, base or concealer?

To even out and cover some skin imperfections, it is correct to apply first the base then the concealer only on some parts of the face, such as below the eyes to disguise dark circles or on top of a blemish. Remembering that for makeup not to be too heavy, you should apply only a light layer of foundation and concealer only on imperfections, always giving light strokes instead of dragging or rubbing the product. For better coverage and a more natural effect, apply the base using a specific brush.

2 ? Curvex before or after mascara?

By knowing how to use it correctly, it is possible to achieve an incredible effect of more curved and bulky lashes with the curvex. While some women are still afraid to wear the eyelash curler and get hurt, others are unsure whether to apply eyelash curler before or after mascara. The right answer is to apply the curvex always before mascarabecause if used later it can break or stick to the lashes.

3? How to apply blush correctly?

The first tip of how to blush correctly To make it look healthier is to use a brush, avoiding the hype. Be sure to remove excess blush from the brush before applying it. The product should be gently passed on the cheekbones, more precisely on the cheekbone, in slight movements from the inside out and always diagonally. Avoid making circular movements, which make the makeup very heavy and artificial looking, looking like "clown makeup".

4? What is the correct way to apply the black pencil to your eyes?

O black pencil It is a great ally to enhance eye makeup. But depending on how it is applied, it can either diminish or increase the look. That's why you need to know what is the correct way to apply black pencil according to the size of your eyes.

To narrow your gaze, outline the entire eye with the black pencil on the inside of the waterline, above and below. For small eyes, should the black pencil be applied just below the d line? water on the outside of the eyes close to the lower and upper lashes. A tip to make the look smoother is to smudge the black pencil with the specific brush at the bottom of the eyes and finish with the white or beige pencil on the waterline to give even bigger eyes impression.

5? What is the primer for?

The primer is a product that has pre-base function and is composed of microparticles that give an effect called optical masking. The product prepares the skin to receive makeup, reducing oiliness, minimizing the visibility of pores, wrinkles softening the perception of facial expression lines. Therefore, the primer function in makeup It is to leave the skin homogeneous, silky and ensure the fixation of products on the skin much longer.

6? Smoky eye can only be done with black eyeshadow?

The classic smoky eye with black eyeshadow Gives a more sophisticated look to the look and is a great option to complement evening makes. But to make the looks happier, the smoky effect You can also get colorful versions, especially in summer. Those who prefer the more behaved version of the smoky eye can vary the black shade using brown or dark blue.

7? How to apply dark lipstick without smudging?

If you avoid wearing dark lipstick because you get in the way of applying it and end up with a blurry face, a tip is to contour your lips using a pencil of the same color or in a shade that is close to the lipstick. Then fill the lips with the pencil and then apply the lipstick with the help of a brush. This trick of how to apply dark lipstick without smudging It also leaves the lips with a more beautiful and defined contour.

Common Makeup Questions And Concerns, Part 1 (April 2021)

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