7 exercises to burn calories

At the gym or at home, you can keep your body up to date by doing healthy exercise without exaggeration. Each activity has several benefits for the body and, in addition, helps to eliminate a few pounds. But of course for that to happen, you need to dedicate a lot, but without extrapolating.

Know now a list with 7 exercises to burn calories. Once you know the advantages of each one, choose the one that best suits your taste or need and start practicing to feel the results.

1- Pedal

Cycling is very healthy for the body and still serves to preserve the environment. Besides being very pleasant and relaxing, cycling is one of the most complete activities.

It is great for those who want to exercise the body, escape from physical inactivity and work all muscles, as it serves to strengthen the glutes, calves, abdomen and make the legs firmer. The good news is that pedaling is up to 840 fewer calories in the body.

2- Sneakers

In addition to having fun and sending stress away, playing tennis works the whole body, because it takes strength to throw the ball and enough breath to run all over the court. The main benefits of tennis are improved motor coordination, increased agility and strengthening of muscles throughout the body, especially the arms. A one-hour tennis match equals 800 calories lost.

3- Race

Running is the best physical activity for those who want to burn a lot of calories. In addition to being done anywhere, running for just one hour is 900 calories lost.

Running strengthens muscles and bones, promotes well-being and brings several benefits to the body. Among them, it helps in the weight loss process, cardiorespiratory conditioning, prevention of various diseases, combats insomnia and releases the accumulated stress throughout the day. But remember: To practice running safely, you need to have proper clothing, comfortable sneakers and never forget to hydrate your body by drinking plenty of water.

4- Bodybuilding

Who says women can't do weight training? When the exercises are done correctly and without exaggeration, bodybuilding brings several benefits to the body, always keeping the delicate silhouette of the woman, without leaving the body deformed and full of muscles.

The main benefits of bodybuilding for women are fat burning, muscle toning and the fight against sagging, leaving the body firmer and more defined. In addition, this activity helps lower cholesterol and improve blood flow, fight osteoporosis, and make bones better absorb calcium and become more resilient.

Each hour of training, you can lose an average 720 calories with bodybuilding. But avoid overdoing it, as activity can cause injury, damaging muscles and tendons if done without proper guidance.

5- Boxing

Boxing, in addition to releasing all the stress of everyday life, ensures excellent physical fitness for the body. The activity has several benefits such as localized muscular endurance, improvement in lumbar muscles, increased cardiorespiratory capacity and motor coordination, thinning the waist, defining legs, calves and especially the arms.

In addition, boxing training helps burn up to 660 calories. In order to avoid injuries and practice the exercises correctly, you need to have the proper accessories like the boxing glove and comfortable clothing.

6- Jump rope

Skipping rope is a very fun activity that has the advantage that it can be practiced at home. This child's play helps you burn a lot of calories and contributes to a healthier and more defined body.

The simple skipping motion works all the muscles in the body, helps to burn localized fat, refines the silhouette, gives the body flexibility and balance, tones the legs, calves, abdomen and butt. This activity burns about 15 calories per minute and an hour skipping is about 900 calories less.

7- Swimming

Swimming is a refreshing activity and a little different from those done on the ground, as it does not present pain, exhaustion and perspiration, but a relaxing effect of muscles and relief of tensions. Swimming works every muscle in the body and improves fitness, boosts self-esteem, prevents various illnesses and ensures well-being.

The benefits of practicing this activity are diverse, such as improved coordination, increased flexibility and agility, muscle endurance and strength. Practicing swimming for one hour is equivalent to burning up to 540 calories.To avoid thermal shock and to prevent cramps throughout your workout, try to stretch your body before starting activities.

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