7 songs to forget about the ex at once

Ending a relationship is an unpleasant situation, regardless of the problems the couple might face when they were together. But worse than ending a relationship, is ending a relationship and still remembering your ex every time you play those songs you used to enjoy together. At these times does that nostalgia hit, that sadness over it or even that anger over time? Wasted? during dating.

And it seems that the sadder you are at the end of the relationship, the more sad and romantic songs will appear in your life, whether it's on the car radio, sharing your friends on social networks, in the form of elevator music out there or even from the mall's food court.

The impression is that your ex has hired every stereo in the world to play only the songs that remind you of him.

What is the solution? Turn on the sound at full volume and enjoy without fear of being happy these 7 songs, which seem to have been made to raise self-esteem and let the ex go once and for all.

1 ? Part of me (Katy Perry)

Katy Perry, that beautiful one, always teaching us how an independent woman who owns herself behaves. The whole song is delicious, but the real ex-boyfriend insecticide is on the chorus:? This is the part of me that you will never take away from me ?, or? This is the part of me that you never will you take it from me? says the singer. And who would dare to doubt, Katy?

Part Of Me by Katy Perry on Grooveshark

2 ? Reza (Rita Lee)

Is there a better solution to exorcising the ex's ghost than a very well done prayer? For Rita Lee, it does not exist. Therefore, she lists in the song several supplications to God, to protect her from all the yak he is? Why not? ? your current potentials are pleading with her. The music is calm but very fun. And it costs nothing to try to accompany the singer in her requests for protection from the evil eye.

Reza by Rita Lee on Grooveshark

3? Man! I feel like a woman (Shania Twain)

Okay, Shania Twain's music is already part of a slightly dusty repertoire, but it's still a hymn for powerful women. The mix of? Men? S shirts, short skirts? (men's shirt, short skirts) Still representing well what we have become? women who make their own living without losing their essence. The rest of the lyrics speak for themselves, a pretty woman going out at night to have fun without having to satisfy any man. Perfect for those who need to boost morale.

Man! I Feel Like a Woman! by Shania Twain on Grooveshark

4? Pure Ecstasy (Red Baron)

Excellent representative of the maxim? Old, but gold ?. The song of the Baron Red tells of a young lady who leaves the house dressed to kill and ready for a night of the most lively. "Red nail polish, ink in hair, feet in high heels, full of desire." Perfect for warming up at the club or yelling at friends in the car.

Pure Ecstasy by Frejat on Grooveshark

5? So what? (Pink)

"So what," Pink wants to know after losing her husband? in an incredibly funny way. ?So what? I? M still a rock star !, or? So what? I'm still a rock star !? says the beginning of the chorus. Extra credits for the fun video accompanying the equally lively song.

So What by Pink on Grooveshark

6? My mistake (Parasols of Success)

The boys from Paralamas do Sucesso were inspired when they wrote this one. "My mistake was to believe that being by your side would suffice," they sing in a clear statement of disappointment toward their ex.

My mistake by The Paralamas do Sucesso on Grooveshark

7? Smile (Lily Allen)

Lily Allen's cutie tells the story of one of the hottest exs and how fun she is to see him run after her again. "At first, when I see you cry, yeah, it makes me smile," or "first, when I see you cry, yes, that makes me laugh," sings the triumphant, and complete young lady: ?? at worst I feel bad for a while, but then I just smile, in Portuguese at most I feel bad for a moment, but then I just laugh. All this topped off by a cute clip like her alone.

Smile by Lily Allen on Grooveshark

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