7 Tips for Keeping Your Bag Organized

It doesn't matter if the handbag big or small, the fact is that women always find a way to carry everything they want and need inside it. And the result of this is almost always a real mess.

To avoid that complication of wasting good minutes looking for something, let's teach 7 tips for keeping your purse organized.

No more mess!

1. Separate the most important belongings that should be carried daily, such as documents, keys, wallet, mobile phone, makeup. As large as handbag that is, carry only the essentials.

2. For convenience and less space, use small bags and small bags to accommodate your makeup and other everyday items.

3. If the bag is too small, space is lacking, but if it is large, it is difficult to find anything. When choosing a new bag, consider beyond beauty if the size is appropriate to carry everything you need.

4. Always have a different bag for every occasion. For use at work, the bag should have a space for objects that need to be worn throughout the day. On special occasions like parties and events, try to use small bags just to carry the most important belongings.

5. Reserve the side and outer pockets for objects such as keys and small objects. This saves you time and does not risk losing them in the back of your bag.

6. Doing a general cleaning also counts. The ideal is clean the bag every fifteen days.

7. In addition to the external cleaning of the bag, it is necessary to discard the belongings that are bulking, such as papers. Throw away everything that is no longer useful and organize the others into pockets and partitions.

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