7 ways to relieve heat at home without air conditioning

When the warm months of the year come, the first thing that comes to mind is how to cope with the hot days and nights, whether on the street, in the car, at work, or even at home. To circumvent excessive heat, it is common for people to invest in air conditioners as they leave the environment cooler almost immediately.

However, this appliance may not be the best option. The high cost of the device, coupled with increased energy expenditure and health hazards, requires you to use other measures before running to the nearest store to buy yours.

1 ? Keep the curtains closed during the day.

Curtains are important partners in not overheating your home in the summer, because they block excessive sunlight. It is therefore best to keep them closed to avoid a mini greenhouse at home.

2 ? Do your best to keep the heat out

How about investing in some kind of film that can reflect sunlight to be placed on windows? This kind of material will keep your home insulated from the heat caused by sunlight by reflecting these rays.

3? Fresh night air needs to be kept as long as possible

At night, normally, the air is not usually as hot as during the day, so it is essential to use this period to your advantage. When the sun goes down and the breeze gets colder, so open all the windows and let the air run through the house, closing them again before daybreak and starting to warm up again.

4? Change incandescent light bulbs

Have you been talking for a few years about the advantages of replacing incandescent light bulbs? also called? hot? ? by white lamps, or "cold". Even recently, the LED lamp has been launched in the market, even more economical and durable than conventional white lamps. This exchange also helps to reduce heat indoors, as incandescent lamps generate much more heat than others.

5? Use tricks to humidify indoor air

Anything goes to make the air less "dry", especially at bedtime. Use containers full of fresh water in every room in the house? only be careful if you have young children, because even a small amount of water can be enough for a child to drown. Another good option is to soak bath towels and spread them around the house, on the backrest of chairs and on cabinet doors, for example.

6? Condition the air yourself

A fan attached with a frozen water bottle right in front is a simple and effective way to circulate cold air around the room without turning on the air conditioner.

7? Abuse cold drinks and refreshing foods

Hydration is critical on hot days. Cold drinks and fresh foods, such as fruit and fruit popsicles, are good options for dribbling body heat and staying more comfortable during the summer.

DIY Life Hacks for Summer to Beat the Heat! (May 2021)

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