70 delicate images of ballerina tattoo to fall in love

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A ballerina tattoo represents a series of positive and somewhat delicate meanings. In addition to expressing a passion for ballet, those who draw this design also want to symbolize all the tributes that a dancer of this classic art has: perfectionism, dexterity, concentration, lightness, determination and discipline.

And to configure it all, you can choose from countless possibilities: your ballerina tattoo can be a small minimalist design to a design rich in detail, shape or color. And in this inspiring list below you'll find countless exciting examples:

1. The ballerina tattoo has a unique delicacy

2. And when colored with the watercolor technique, this delicacy is even more evident

3. It's a perfect calf tattoo

4. In the back she will get a special highlight

Look at what a great idea to create only the shadow of a moving body.

6. Already this art featured a very neat sketch of a ballerina

7. At the ankle, your tattoo will look very feminine.

8. How about tattooing only the ballerina's shoes?

9. To bring design to life, bet on striking colors

10. Carpe Diem means? Enjoy the day?

11. Here, the movements were represented by little stars

12. When Few Traits Say Everything

13. Some added flowers can make everything even more special.

14. Minimalism also impresses, don't you think?

15. And can still be found in many different formats.

16. This ballerina's costume has become a beautiful rose

17. Just like this, where your skirt is the main highlight

18.? If it's worth it, fight?

19. Free and no strings attached

20. Close to the elbow in its simplest shape

21. When the main character follows an important message

22. What do you think of this flowery background with a watery touch?

23. It's a beautiful tribute, do you agree?

24. And this all gothic dancer?

25. That tattoo done in partnership

26. This ballerina tattoo is made with contour, shading and pointillism only.

27. While this calf art even seems to have been made with ink

28. Want to innovate? Tattoo a ballerina in the belly

29. That beautiful pink detail on the back of the shoulder

30. Some projects gain very poetic details.

31. As expressive contours and delicate techniques

32. This ballerina tattoo spread all over the calf and shin

33. When less is more

34. Notice the details of the back muscles in this tattoo.

35. While in this the highlight was the colors

36. The idea of ​​this art is not genius?

37. Dancing in the vastness of the Milky Way

38. What about this cute little boy keeping company for the little ballerina?

39. A ballerina tattoo represents lightness and concentration.

40. And also determination and discipline

41. But the lovers of this classical dance also tattoo the figure as a tribute

42. And what a tribute?

43. Especially if ballet is in the heart

44. And also in the soul

45. The intertwined foot and hand convey strength and delicacy.

46. ​​Flying like the birds

47. Ballet Flats Will Be Fun With Pastel Colors

48. Or just contoured and slightly shaded

49. How not to love such delicacy?

50.? Powerful and boundless?

51. Your Ballerina Can Be an Abstract Little

52. Or totally realistic

53. In this art, the butterfly flight formed the beautiful ballerina

54. The movement of this ballerina's skirt is impressive!

55. Little Tattoos Look Charming on the Back of the Head

56. And also behind the ear

57. Wouldn't you be proud to have a tattoo like this?

58. The drawing gained momentum with this amazing idea.

59. The hip is for dancing as well as tattooing

60. Dancer can also

61. Rainbow colors have been added in this art.

62. Are you a ballerina angel or an angel ballerina?

63. Ballerinas Are True Representations Of Delivery

64. For all the hard work they do to reach perfection.

65. Not only of your movements, but also of your balance.

66. A personalized tattoo is loaded with personal meanings.

67. Of course, it will be totally your face

68. Notice how this tattoo was impeccably executed.

69. Like this one, in which its beautiful creation also deserves to be mentioned

70. The gracefulness of the volume of the skirt created a volume to the small design.

Which of these graciously charmed you the most? It will be difficult to choose one, isn't it?

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