8 foods against cellulite

Cellulite is undoubtedly the great nightmare of women, who are always looking for alternatives to avoid or soften the? Holes? that appear on the legs and buttocks. But it is not enough to just exercise and use aesthetic procedures to treat cellulite.

You have to follow a healthy diet and choose the foods that are placed on the plate to keep the problem at bay. There are 8 cellulite foods that can help reduce the appearance of orange peel and make your skin smoother if eaten frequently. Get to know now what they are and how they can help the sufferer.

1 ? Ginger

One of the causes of cellulite is poor circulation. Therefore, eating foods that help increase blood flow is essential for anyone who wants to improve the appearance of the skin.

One such food is ginger, which is not only good for circulation but also detoxifies and strengthens the lymphatic system. This prevents toxins from accumulating under the skin and leaving the skin with that uneven appearance characteristic of cellulite.

2 ? Avocado

Although cellulite does not spare anyone, not even thin young women, aging is one of the factors that tends to make skin irregularities more evident. This is because with advancing age, the skin loses its elasticity and becomes thinner.

To avoid this, try to include on the menu foods rich in essential fatty acids, which help strengthen the skin. Avocado is a great food choice with these properties, as well as being rich in many essential nutrients and very tasty.

3? Green and dark leafy vegetables

Dark leafy vegetables, such as spinach and kale, are rich in antioxidants that help prevent heart disease, breast cancer, and other cancers. One of these powerful antioxidants is lutein, which helps the skin retain its moisture and elasticity. Green leaves are also rich in nutrients good for circulation and detoxification.

4? Fish

Fish, especially oily ones, are also on the list of foods that help keep the skin in good condition. The best known are salmon, trout, herring, sardines and tuna. They are rich in omega-3 and fatty acids, which are good for stimulating the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems and reducing inflammation of subcutaneous tissues.

5? Whole grains

Whole grains have a large amount of fiber, essential for hindering the absorption of fat and carbohydrates, favoring metabolism. Eating whole grains helps speed up the detoxification process and eliminate waste that can accumulate and cause cellulite. Invest in the full version of rice, breads, cookies, pasta, oats, granola and enjoy the benefits,

6? Banana

Bananas are a very rich source of potassium, useful for regulating the amount of water in the body and helping to decrease fluid retention. In addition to reducing cellulite, including this mineral in the diet also benefits the lymphatic system and makes fluid circulation and cleansing of body impurities work efficiently.

7? Asparagus

Asparagus also has properties that increase blood circulation. In addition, the food is great for relieving stress because it has a large amount of folic acid, which acts in the formation of serotonin, known as the substance responsible for the sensation of pleasure and well-being.

High stress levels over prolonged periods increase fat storage in the body and adding asparagus to your diet is a good way to reduce cellulite.

8? Papaya

Eating fruit is one of the best ways to detoxify the body and reduce cellulite, and papaya is a good choice. The fruit is not only rich in potassium but also in beta carotene.

The substance responsible for the orange-yellow coloration characteristic of papaya and foods such as carrots, squash, beets, papayas, mangoes and sweet potatoes is a carotenoid, a pigment that turns into vitamin after undergoing chemical reactions in the body. .

In its action, beta-carotene offers vitamin A, a powerful antioxidant that prevents the effects of free radicals responsible for the early aging of skin and other organs. It also helps prevent damage to body tissue and maintain skin elasticity, so it is a great ally in combating cellulite.

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