9 foods that should not be prepared with olive oil

When the oil warms up beyond a certain point (210 degrees Celsius), it tastes bad and is bad for your health. Therefore, preparing some foods over high heat using olive oil can be extremely harmful. But most foods are cooked over high heat. That is, if there is no way to reduce the fire, it is necessary to eliminate the olive oil. Here is a list of some foods that should not be prepared with olive oil:

  1. Steaks;
  2. Fish;
  3. Pork;
  4. Mutton;
  5. Hamburger;
  6. Roast Chicken;
  7. Vegetables (if cooked above 210C);
  8. Sautéed;
  9. Fried food.

In these cases, prefer canola oil, which is an excellent alternative as it can withstand high temperatures and has a neutral taste. Leave the olive oil for salads and to be added after food preparation, so it will not be harmful.

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