Accessories that influence women's health

Some of accessories that women usually wear is not just for complementing the look. In addition to making the look more beautiful, accessories influence women's health. This is the case with sunglasses, hats, bags, high heels and even lipstick.

When used incorrectly, these accessories can harm women's health. But by learning to use them the right way, you can be beautiful and protected at the same time.


In addition to making the woman stylish, sunglasses are very important accessories to protect her eyes. But you have to be careful when choosing and checking, especially if the lenses offer protection against ultraviolet rays.

When lenses in sunglasses do not have adequate protection, the retina is the main impaired and serious vision problems may occur.


The hat is a great ally on sunny days. It serves to protect the locks and skin of the face from problems such as skin cancer, dryness, burns and freckles.


The bag of women usually has several unnecessary objects, which only make bulk and make it heavy. So the tip is always to carry only what is needed no matter the size of the bag. Keep your bag organized to prevent pain, inflammation and serious posture problems.

High heels

Shoes with very high heels are also among the main causes of back pain. If used incorrectly, they impair posture and cause swelling in the feet. So, leave high heels on special occasions and opt for more comfortable models in everyday life.


Protecting the lips from sunlight and excessive cold is also important. Always have in your bag products like cocoa butter or a sunscreen lipstick in the makeup.

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