Acknowledge the signs that he is moving away

Realizing that your boyfriend or partner is moving away is frustrating. Maybe it's just insecurity on your part to think that he's lost interest in you, but maybe he's really signaling he's not interested in the relationship anymore. Check out some signs that the relationship is not going well.

Before attempting to recognize the signs that he is moving awayIt is crucial to understand that, for the most part, what women recognize as such warnings that escape is about to happen is just fear. Past relationships, experiences that have ended unexpectedly contribute to this insecurity.

By the way, insecurity Too much can make him tired and really want to give up everything. Not everyone is easy to talk to, open up, say what they really think, much less say they don't like, aren't happy or don't love anymore.

So be careful not to fantasize too much. Often, not answering the phone can simply mean that it is busy, in a meeting, in the classroom, or doing anything else that really makes it impossible to answer your call, for example. Too much imagination can be harmful in situations like these.

He may be moving away when?

  • Don't call so often;
  • Lose your temper with you for little;
  • Invents programs with friends, which do not include your participation;
  • It avoids programs for two such as going to the movies, going out to dinner;
  • Constantly argue;
  • Makes offenses;
  • It is not a matter of celebrating important dates;
  • Has crises of insecurity, says not knowing what to expect from the relationship;
  • You do not kiss and do not exchange affection.

How to act?

If you notice that something is really different, evaluate the relationship. Are you still partners? Is there affection, complicity, respect, attention and especially pleasure in each other's company? What are the real feelings involved in the relationship?

If you look at the situation as a whole, it is more important than wasting time looking for signs and trying to identify what they mean and if they really mean something negative. If you have no other way out, face the facts and propose a sincere conversation.

He Doesn’t Value You? The ONLY Way He’ll Ever Change (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy) (April 2021)

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