Acro Yoga: Body and Mind Movements

A fusion of heaven, earth and love? Is this how practitioners often define Acro Yoga? modality that joins Yoga, Acrobatics and Thai Massage.

With Yoga, we have ancient and spiritual wisdom; Acrobatics brings us power and dynamics and with Thai Massage we have the kindness of donation ?, explains Elaine Lilli, bachelor and graduate in Physical Education, Yoga instructor, acupuncturist and coordinating teacher of Acro Yoga Brazil.

Innovative and fun, the sport has been practiced in California, Spain, Canada, India and, for some years, in Brazil.

The practice

Elaine Lilli points out that in the Acro Yoga Brazil method, a class can range from one hour to one and a half hours. • In it are practiced asanas (yoga postures) individually or in pairs to improve the movement; Thai massage techniques preliminary to Acro Yoga postures or later? in order to stretch and relax the muscles of the practitioner, and bring benefits to the mind ?, says.

Acrobatic elements constantly appear during practice. The class, according to the professional, is emphasized in Acro Asanas's moves in Doubles and, for the older students, in threes, depending on the size of the group.

"The movements are performed step by step until the practitioner has mastered the technique and can even create new postures", explains the teacher. "But we have some stipulated series of gradual difficulty levels, so that the student can evolve safely and relaxed," says Professor Elaine.

It is noteworthy that at various times in the practice of Acro Yoga, the person has the feeling of flying, which provides a sense of freedom and interaction with airspace. Asanas performed in mid-air favor the range of motion, helping in the flexibility and relaxation of body muscles.

Another interesting point is that in Acro Yoga, the practitioner learns to get in and out of a posture by standing upside down on any supporting element. Reversal asanas favor concentration and energetically unlock the cervical spine and head region. The goal is to provide the person with the opportunity to see life in new postures and from new angles.

Already Thai Massage in Acro Yoga is responsible for developing the perception of touch, which can be performed with both hands, feet and elbows. With refined touch, the practitioner is easier to lead the partner by distributing his body weight with the partner's weight.

Benefits of Acro Yoga

Elaine Lilli points out that the main benefits offered by Acro Yoga are:

  • Communication, interactivity and team spirit;
  • Concentration, focus and body awareness;
  • Development of the main physical abilities, among them: strength, flexibility, balance and agility;
  • Wellness: relaxation of muscles, control of mind and breathing;
  • Increased disposition and postural alignment.


Elaine Lilli explains that Acro Yoga classes are intended for both Yoga practitioners and non-practitioners. Children, adolescents and adults may participate. The person only needs to have good health conditions to practice medium intensity physical activity and interest in the method.

But it is important to remember that people with back problems or other health problems generally need medical clearance for the activity.

"It is worth mentioning that, since Acro Yoga is an intense activity, when performed for beginner groups, the exercises are adapted for everyone to practice and enjoy the benefits", concludes the teacher.

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