All about Tight Lacing

O Tight lacing or "tight tie," in a literal translation, is the name given to the practice adopted by women who wish to earn a "pylon belt". without having to resort to liposculpture or more serious surgical interventions such as rib removal.

For this, it is necessary to use a corset tight around the waist circumference for long periods to change the silhouette and reduce waist gradually. This practice requires several adjustments to the corset during its use and gradually makes the body adjust to the piece.

The corset

O corset to narrow the waist It is an evolution of corsets used in the last century and has nothing to do with those sold in lingerie shops and sex shops.

Made of several layers of resistant fabric, the corset for Tight Lacing It has built-in ribs, the so-called fins, which press down on strategic areas when the back strap is pulled and tightened.

Previously, the fins were made of iron, which made the corset heavier and stiffer. Today, they have become more malleable, thanks to fins in lighter materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, fiber and silicone. Each body has different sizes, so the piece should be custom made and should be between 10 and 15 cm less than the practitioner's waist.

Can or can not?

O Tight lacing It is controversial and divides opinions. Its practitioners advocate use and claim immediate results. Some doctors consider the practice as an aggression to the body that can cause health problems, because the use of corset compressing the floating ribs creates pressure on the organs and can cause disease and deformation. The accessory can also cause digestion problems, damage to the vascular system and decrease diaphragm mobility, making breathing difficult.

As you can see, the subject generates many discussions between practitioners and doctors. When in doubt between right and wrong, the question is to reflect on how far it is possible to go to achieve a perfect silhouette without exposing health to dangerous practices.

WAIST TRAINING vs TIGHT LACING (& suitable corsets) | Lucy's Corsetry (April 2021)

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