Are calories all the same?

Diet of the points, the scale, the juices. There are so many ways to look for the perfect body that women undergo regimens without medical consultations and end up with health problems in the future.

The reduction of calories and consumption of certain types of food are the basis for weight control. But after all, having these attitudes really helps in calorie reduction?

According to functional nutrition specialist Bianca Giuliano, each individual needs certain caloric values, which differs from person to person. "To know the daily calorie needs that each person needs, we have to know the need of each individual, according to their lifestyle and which is very personal," he says.

For this, the daily routine of each one is taken into consideration, as well as some requirements that will exactly dictate the personal need. Consider age, weight, height, exercise, pathology, eg a catabolic disease that uses more energy, or obesity that spends less on the whole. the inflammatory process of the disease ?, comments Bianca.

Calorie is the amount of energy the body needs to perform all daily activities. "Calorie is the amount of energy needed to raise 1 degree to a temperature of 1 liter of water, ie it is the energy that the body needs to function properly and exercise the process of breathing, thinking, etc.," explains Bianca.

Therefore, one should take into account the seriousness and need to seek medical advice for any diet, as it is necessary to take into account daily caloric needand also what foods you should consume to keep your health and body functioning.

The nutritionist warns that in addition to the calorie that your body needs, there is no use consuming them in foods that do not offer support and quality of life. "Calorie is important for us to be able to do our daily routines with disposition, however, it is noteworthy that each food, besides the amount of calories, must contain nutrients important for the healthy functioning of the body," he says.

The consumption of too much fried foods should also be totally blamed, as they are very caloric and turn into fat in the body. Allied to physical inactivity, cause weight gain.

Experts recommend the practice of some type of exercise that will help the body function and burn localized fat. In addition to a balanced diet and medical monitoring, which will result in a healthy body and great quality of life.

Are All Calories the Same? (May 2021)

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