Aston Martin creates luxury baby stroller

For those who imagined seeing a compact sports model, the surprise that Aston Martin, the British luxury car brand, has partnered with Silver Cross on a baby stroller is big. The beauty is a treat, a little more than luxury, all made of leather, wheels and aluminum details, protections for sunny or rainy days, basket coupled with space for toys and other objects and in very limited edition of 800 pieces.

Of course, like every luxury object, the price goes beyond the bill for a cart, but not as far as the name suggests. The Silver Cross Surf: Aston Martin Edition is priced at £ 2,000, the equivalent of £ 6,000, and the sale is exclusive to Harrods, with a waiting list as sales only start in April.

Luxury Baby Stroller Costs $3,000 (April 2024)

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