Astringent: Learn how to add this product to your skincare routine

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The routines of skincare Are they increasingly on the rise? and that's great. Well-groomed skin means not only beautiful skin but also healthier skin. For this, using an astringent product is critical.

Among the products that involve a daily routine of facial care is the astringent, which acts as a product capable of enhancing skin cleansing, especially in the oily ones.

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Astringent: Where to buy

There are numerous astringents on the market, so to make your choice easier, here we list the most sought after and well evaluated.

  • L'Oréal Paris Dermo-Expertise Pure Zone Astringent in Beauty on the Web.
  • Avon Clearskin Astringent Lotion in the Necessaire Mix.
  • Hinode Astringent Fluid Gel in Necessaire Mix.
  • Actine Astringent Lotion at Farmagora.
  • Clean & Clear Astringent Deep Cleaning at Drugstore Nova Esperança.
  • Neutrogena Deep Clean Astringent at Drugstore Sao Paulo.
  • Vichy Normaderm Astringent Lotion at Cosmetics.

Take advantage of this list to choose an astringent to call your own and rid your skin of any greasiness.

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Dermatologist answers questions about astringent

To answer your questions about this important skin care product, we talked to dermatologist Adriana Schuchowsky (RQE? 24154) and beautician Ingrid Machado. Check out!

What is the function of the astringent?

Dr. Adriana explains that the astringent is a tonic, usually in liquid or gel texture, indicated to finish the facial cleansing step. The beautician adds that this product contracts the tissues and blood vessels, helping to close the pores and removing oiliness.

What is the difference between tonic and astringent?

According to the dermatologist, astringent is a tonic with specific ingredients for oily skin, such as salicylic acid and glycolic acid. Both tonic and astringent have the function of eliminating residues and leaving the skin prepared for a next step, but the astringent has specific substances to remove oiliness.

What type of skin is the astringent indicated for?

Experts indicate the astringent mainly for oily skin, especially in the T zone (forehead, nose and chin).

What is the indicated frequency of use?

According to the dermatologist, the ideal is to use twice a day, after the use of cleaning soaps or as your need and medical advice. After applying it, is it important to make use of a moisturizer and sunscreen? One of the most important steps in skin care.

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What is the role of astringent in skin cleansing?

Doctors Adriana and Ingrid are very objective about the function of this product: the astringent decreases sebum secretion and pore appearance, prevents blackheads and pimples and prepares the skin for hydration.

After so much relevant information, the astringent looks like an even more important product, doesn't it? Just remember to use it sparingly, as the skin tends to produce even more sebum when it is over-washed.

Astringent Tutorials and Reviews

We have separated three videos that explain the subject in more detail. Ask all your questions and see if it is really worth investing in this product.

Tonic and astringent: what is each one for

Linda Kramer describes her experience with different astringents and tonics. She also has oily skin and gives tips for a proper beauty routine.

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Astringent Review

In this short video, Joyce Vignochi reviews a complete review of one of the astringent options available on the market.

Skin Care: Expensive Products vs. Cheap Products

Mari Sampaio presents her skin cleansing routine and compares expensive and inexpensive products, as well as details on the composition and operation of each one.

After these reviews, it was even easier to choose your astringent and adapt its use to your reality, right?

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Astringent can be a good addition, especially if your skin is mixed or oily. It is important to remember that, like any product, it should be used sparingly and carefully, after all, we are talking about one of the most important organs in the body: your skin! As a cleanser, another very important step is hydration. Learn how to choose the ideal oily skin moisturizer.

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