Atopic dermatitis

This kind of dermatitis Is it a chronic disease (ie hardly curable) that causes the skin to become red, itchy enough and? even decay in the most critical cases. Children are often the biggest victims of the problem, with dermatitis on the face, trunk and knee and elbow folds. One thing is certain: those who have asthma, bronchitis and rhinitis are more susceptible to this skin problem.

Why does she arise?

The genetic condition is the main factor. But frequent, direct contact with dust, cleaning agents and food preservatives also helps to develop atopic dermatitis. There are even cases of people with dermatitis due to fabric softener or laundry soap.

When you are allergic-prone and use products with too strong a fragrance, you are at greater risk of dermatitisSo be careful. Neutral, odorless products are the most recommended. Clothing with synthetic fabric, exaggerated sweat, drier weather (especially now in the cold) also trigger the problem. Stress is another famous aggravating factor.

How to find out?

Replace synthetic clothing with natural fiber fabrics such as cotton and linen. As for cleaning products, choose unscented ones. Use hypoallergenic cosmetics It also helps. And the main thing: make an appointment with your dermatologist to clarify your problem, ok?

Is food also a factor?

Some foods are, yes. But it depends on the patient's allergies. Milk and dairy products, eggs, seafood, peanuts, chocolate and coffee tend to be the most problematic. Sometimes by decreasing the amount of them you already soften the irritation, nor do you need to remove them completely from the diet.

Is there treatment?

When the skin is already damaged, it is best to treat with corticosteroid ointments or other substances that help to stop inflammation. In case of secondary infection (which happens mainly when you scratch the lesions, aggravating the condition), the dermatologist will recommend oral antibiotics. Antiallergic medications help decrease and control the itch as well.

The fact is that the treatment of atopic dermatitis It depends on each case and should be indicated by your dermatologist. Since the skin of those who have dermatitis is already more sensitive, you can not use any product, nor those? prescribed? by a relative or acquaintance. Is it also necessary to move away from home recipes combined?

And how to prevent?

Once you already know the cause of your dermatitis, the way is to control. For example, when dust is the main trigger, it is necessary to keep the home environment very clean, to avoid curtains, stuffed animals and dust-accumulating rugs. Or use strong, odorless hypoallergenic toiletries when the problem is triggered by these products.

Hydration of the skin is extremely necessary as it is more common to atopic dermatitis appear on dry skin. Therefore, it is best to avoid aggressive soaps (especially those with exfoliating particles, prefer baby ones), bushings and hot baths. After bathing, use moisturizer, because this is when the skin absorbs them best.

And remember: hydration also happens from the inside out, so drinking water and natural juices is another way to prevent it, about two liters of water is the most recommended, no matter if it's cold or hot. Having a healthy diet and not abusing foods that are bad for you is also another tip.

Food allergies and atopic dermatitis: What is the evidence? (April 2021)

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